Friday, 11 July 2014

Wish You Were Here by Mike Gayle

Their holiday brochure said 18-30 . . . But they've just turned 35. After ten years together Charlie Mansell has been dumped by his live-in girlfriend, Sarah. All he wants to do is wallow in misery, but mates Andy and Tom have a better idea: a week of sun, sea and souvlaki in Malia, party capital of the Greek islands. But Charlie and his mates aren't eighteen any more. Or even under thirty. And it shows. It isn't the cheap beer, the late nights or even the fast-food that's the problem. It's girls. And life. And most of all . . . each other.

I have been waiting for my holiday to come around as I have been saving this book as it sounded like the perfect beach read.

Poor Charlie is heart broken but his best mate Andy is determined to give him the best time of his life to get over his ex by booking an 18-30's lads holiday to Malia. Charlie is less than thrilled by this unexpected holiday especially because he is way out of the clubbing age range and also it is the same place he met his ex! But maybe some time away with his friends is what he needs.

I totally loved this book. The majority of my friends are male so I have always enjoyed male humour and it is great to see a light read told from a male author and main character. With all chick lit books I read I am used to the different ways the girls deal with heartbreak so it was a nice change to see how a guy copes in the same situation and also to see what his friends think is the ultimate cure!

This was by far my favourite Mike Gayle book, the storyline was realistic and light with a down to earth humour so this was perfect holiday reading for me especially because of the setting of the book although my honeymoon sounded a hell of a lot calmer than the lads holiday! The chapters are short too which I always love for a beach read so you can easily pick up and put down.

There are three main characters Charlie, Andy and Tom they are all friends but each have extremely different personalities but I liked this as they all brought something different to the storyline.

If you want a little change from chicklit but still want a light read that will have you chuckling away then give this one a try. Thank you to my friend Kayla for sending me this book.

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