Wednesday, 10 September 2014

All Fall Down by Jennifer Weiner

Allison Weiss is a typical working mother, trying to balance a business, ageing parents, a demanding daughter and a marriage. But when the website she develops becomes a huge success, she finds herself challenged to the point of being completely overwhelmed. As she struggles to hold her life together and meet the needs of all the people around her, Allison finds that the painkillers she was prescribed for a back injury help her deal with more than just physical discomfort - they make her feel calm and get her through the increasingly hectic days. Sure, she worries that the bottles seem to empty a bit faster each week, but it's not like she's some Hollywood starlet partying all night. It's not as if she has an actual problem. Until she ends up in a world she never thought she'd experience outside of a movie theatre: rehab. And as Allison struggles to get her life back on track, she learns a few life lessons along the way.

All Fall Down is not my typical kind of read but having finished it I found it to be a real eye opener. The storyline follows Allison who is married, has a job she enjoys and a gifted little daughter Ellie. Sounds like a normal successful woman who has everything under control but she has one big secret that she has managed to keep from everyone around her, she is consuming more and more painkillers just to get her through the day. As the prescription drugs begin to run out where will she turn next or will she confide in her loved ones?

This was a very intriguing read and I for one don’t like stereotypes but I am guilty of one that is for sure, when you hear of an addict you get a stereotypical image in your head and so it was a slap in the face for me to see a successful ordinary woman next door become an addict. This book really gave the reader an insight into an addict’s day to day life and thought process and I found this very intriguing.

I have to admit that I began to read this book but just didn’t find it gripping me so I put it to one side but after reading a couple of other books I came back to it and I am so glad that I did because after the slow start to the book I did find the storyline gradually began to get me hooked as the pace of the book picked up.

I just really wish we got to know Allison’s husband more so we can also see how it effects the family and his thoughts on the matter but we are only given small parts from Allison’s POV about him, I just think this would have been a great bonus to this book.

This isn’t an enjoyable light read it is a deep, meaningful informative read that will make you question your own judgments when it comes to this topic. It scarily is a really realistic read as we are hearing more and more people who are dying from prescriptive drugs who are not considered addicts so this was a great idea to a storyline that will help to raise awareness as well as bringing us a great read. This book is wonderfully written and is a very touching, sad read and having been my first read by this author I look forward to reading more.

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  1. I've just read this book myself. It was my first by Jennifer Weiner and I gather it's a bit different from her usual works. As you said, it's a really good insight into how "ordinary" people can become addicts and it held my attention from the start. For understanding the mind of an addict though, I think I preferred Rachel's Holiday by Marian Keyes.