Monday, 20 October 2014

A Most Desirable Marriage by Hilary Boyd

Lawrence and Jo have enjoyed a strong marriage, the envy of their friends.
Even after thirty years they have lots to say to each other, many interests in common and, until recently, a good sex life. But Lawrence seems wary and restless. Something's wrong. Just how wrong, Jo is about to discover... 
Can they use their years of history - all the things they've shared - to overcome a devastating betrayal?

I have read Hilary Boyd's previous three novels and I enjoyed each one because they follow the story of an older character whose love life is in turmoil and unlike the typical romance slash chicklit books I read ( and adore) I actually find that the characters Hilary create seem to feel more life like and also the storylines seem more realistic even if they are not events that occur in most relationships. Having just finished reading her new release A Most Desirable Marriage I have to say for me this is her best book yet.

Jo and Lawrence have had a healthy loving and strong marriage over the years and Lawrence is just about to take retirement, Jo can not wait so they can holiday together but she has. Or iced a change in her husband who seems very uptight but she understands retiring is probably a daunting position for her husband. But soon Lawrence comes clean and tells his wife what is making him so restless, thing is will their marriage be able to stand against this news?

I read this book from start to finish in one swoop I didn't put it down once! I think what reeled me in was the shock of a big twist early on in the book it came from nowhere ( no it's not a spoiler alert as you will not even see it coming even though I have mentioned it) and was straight to the point and I just never see it coming. What I loved was that the book was unpredictable I didn't know what the outcome of the book was going to be right until the last couple of chapters and I love a book that is unpredictable. 

Both Jo and Lawrence were lovely down to earth genuine characters and although I thought I was going to really hate Lawrence I couldn't as he just seems like a really loving, tender confused character. At times I did find I was frustrated with the way Jo reacted to certain things but again I still thought she was a lovely character. It was nice to have the two children's story's weaved in too.

I enjoyed this book and will be picking up this authors next release for sure.

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