Thursday, 23 October 2014

The Christmas Surprise by Jenny Colgan

I loved Jenny Colgan's previous two Sweetshop books and so I couldn't wait to get my hands on the third in the series The Christmas Surprise although I was a little apprehensive as so many series don't seem to do well past book two so I was hoping this book was going to show me I had nothing to worry about.

Rosie and Stephen are newly engaged and things seem to be going well for the couple, there is decisions to be made about there Wedding and Rosie is busy helping Tina with the planning of her wedding too. But things never go smoothly for this poor couple and as everything is looking good the couple are faced with a massive blow that will have a big impact on the couple, will their love for each other be strong enough to ride this storm?

I have to start this review by saying that the synopsis of this book was perfect it told enough to get me intrigued and excited to meet back with Rosie and Stephen but it didn't give any of the storyline away at all so when I began reading this book I was in for a big shock!

Like I said before this is book 3 in the Sweet Shop books but this can actually be read as a standalone especially because this fabulous author has written such a great introduction to this book so it gives you a little recap of who is who and what has happened to them in the previous books so you won't lose track of what is going on, but then I have to say the previous two books are such great reads I don't know why on earth you would want to miss out and just start with this one, go on treat yourselves!

I did not manage to put this book down it even came with me to make a cup of tea, so I ended up reading it in one day and I loved every part from beginning to end. It was such a touching read that although it broke my heart in places it also healed it again with a big dose of hope and love that was flowing through this book.

I found the book unpredictable and at one point I actually had to re-read a page I was not expecting what had happened so I needed to re-read just I case I had missed something! I really don't know what it is about this author but she really is one talented lady her writing style is so warm and descriptive and it is so easy to get quickly absorbed into the town of Lipton I was well and truly under Jenny Colgan's spell in this book.

I loved that my favourite little man Edison was back in this book it wouldn't be the same without him appearing. I didn't think it was possible to love our Rosie anymore but after reading this book she really is a firm favourite of mine and I can. It wait to meet up with her again and I am full of hope that this author will bring us another book in this series as it doesn't fell like I.t is ready to end yet.

There was a festive feel to this book but not overly so, I could easily have read this book anytime in the year so don't let the Christmas cover and title put you off reading it any other time. This was a heartfelt read that was also full of hope and love and I thoroughly enjoyed being immersed in this storyline. What are you waiting for this needs to be next on your list!

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  1. I haven't read the others but glad his can be read as a stand alone.

  2. OK then, your 5 stars have convinced me Mrs!! : )