Saturday, 8 November 2014

Difficult Husbands by Mary de Laszlo

Three friends. One surprise inheritance. And the perfect plan to deal with troublesome husbands at Christmas time… Newly divorced Lorna is struggling to adjust to life on her own. When she discovers that her beloved godfather has left her the grand (and crumbling) Ravenscourt House in the heart of Sussex, she soon has a project on her hands. Nathan sells delicious goodies at Mulberry Farm. When he meets Lorna at a Christmas market, neither of them can ignore the chemistry. But as they get to know one another, Lorna wants to know one thing – is he after her or the house? Together with Gloria – whose marriage to alcoholic Adrian has hit rock bottom, and Rosalind – struggling to deal with her womanising husband Ivan, the three friends hatch a plan. They’ll ditch their difficult husbands at Ravenscourt House and enjoy stress-free Christmases with their families. But nothing is ever that simple…

I love the gorgeous cover to Difficult Husbands by Mary De Laszlo it has a beautiful light festive feel to it and the synopsis sounded like an unusual one so I was looking forward to reading this one especially because this was a new author to me too.

Lorna, Gloria and Rosalind are three great friends who are all having a difficult time when it comes to their marriages. With Christmas looming the ladies are worried that their children will find other ways to spend Christmas because of the way their Fathers are behaving so they hatch a plan to send the men to Ravenscourt but will their plan be a success?

Lorna was a great main character her thoughts and feelings flowed through the pages and I really felt sorry for her, unfortunately I didn’t really warm to her friends Rosalind and Gloria, poor Rosalind doesn’t really feature in the book much so I didn’t really have time to connect with her and Gloria I just found to be very bossy! One character who did make an impression for me was Nathan he provided a nice helping of gentlemanly eye candy.

I did find that the storyline felt a little dragged out to be truthful and I found that I was actually more interested in finding out the outcome with Lorna’s daughter and also the meetings between Nathan and Lorna rather than the main storyline of the difficult husbands. I loved the opening to the book when we first meet Lorna and Nathan and I did find that the first chapter did tickle me a bit so it made the book feel light and entertaining I just wish that the book had followed more in this direction.

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