Wednesday, 10 December 2014

A Christmas Feast and Other Stories by Katie Fforde

I have always been a massive fan of Katie Fforde, her books were one of the first books I read as an adult and I have never found an author who writes similar books to her she just has her own little signature style of writing that just seems to wrap you up in a hug which is just want you need at this time of year so I didn’t hesitate in clicking for my copy of A Christmas Feast and Other Stories even if I am not a huge fan of short stories, I had faith Katie Fforde that she would keep me entertained with her little collection.

There are 12 different short stories in this e-book all featuring very different storylines and a wonderful mix of characters. The book is bursting with romance and new friendships as well as lots of mouth-watering food and festivity! 

There really will be a story for everyone in this collection, some are shorter than others but each are an enjoyable little treat. I did have to laugh at myself though because my favourite in this collection is From Scotland with Love but I thought myself very clever as I knew what was going to happen next and no not because it was totally predictable but because I had already read this novella last year and completely forgot the title but it was a great chance to read again!

The whole collection is very cheery and uplifting which is the kind of books I enjoy this time of year, yes some of them are farfetched and predictable but that really doesn’t ruin these stories as it is this time of year when the magic happens!

My favourite part of this e-book though is the sneak peek at the end of the authors coming novel A Vintage Wedding the three ladies Lindy, Beth and Rachel all look like they are forming a beautiful friendship and have a challenge ahead, I cannot wait for the release of this book.

This was a great collection of stories which kept me entertained on my lunch breaks over the last couple of days!


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