Saturday, 20 December 2014

I'll Take New York by Miranda Dickinson

Have you ever given up on love?

When her boyfriend lets her down for the last time, Brooklyn bookshop owner Bea James makes a decision – no more. No more men, no more heartbreak, and no more pain.

Psychiatrist Jake Steinmann is making a new start too, leaving his broken marriage behind in San Francisco. From now on there'll just be one love in his life: New York. At a party where they seem to be the only two singletons, Bea and Jake meet, and decide there’s just one thing for it. They will make a pact: no more relationships. 

But the city has other plans . . .

I have a few authors who I make sure I pre-order each of their books as soon as they are available on amazon and Miranda Dickinson is one of those authors for me, I have read and enjoyed every single book by her and I follow her on twitter to keep up with what she has planned for her next release, so you can imagine my excitement when I found out that I’ll Take New York was a sequel ( kind of ) to A Fairytale of New York which is my favourite book by Miranda Dickinson.

We have two main characters in this book Bea and Jake who are such wonderful characters. Bea is going to be a favourite with a lot of us readers, she is soft natured loveable and she not only loves books but she also owns a bookshop with her best friend Russ. At the beginning of the book we see Bea waiting with her family for the arrival of her long term boyfriend Otis to arrive for a special occasion and they all have a pretty good idea as to what this occasion will be but there is one problem, Otis doesn’t arrive. After constantly being let down by Otis Bea decides that she needs to move on with her life in her own way and it is when she meets Jake at a party where they are the only single people there that they both swore off relationships and spark a new friendship.

Jake is sure to be a hit with the ladies he is a handsome, successful male lead who has had his heart broken and is having to start all over again. Miranda knows how to create the perfect male lead for us to drool over! It was so good to be reintroduced to some much loved previous characters, Rosie and Ed and to see what is going on in their life since we left them.

The thing I love most about Miranda’s writing style is her descriptions, she makes things come alive in her books especially the settings and this was the case with this book as she describes the sights around New York and the mouth-wateringly good food as well as the pure emotions that each of the characters have it gives life to this fictional book.

The storyline was a little predictable but in this case the joy wasn’t in the ending itself it was the journey she took us on to get there that made this a heart warming read.

This is yet another fabulous read by this author that I have already found myself recommending to friends.

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