Saturday, 27 December 2014

One Step Too Far by Tina Seskis

An apparently happy marriage. A beautiful son. A lovely home. Yet one morning Emily Coleman wakes up and walks right out of her life. 
What makes her do it? How will she survive? And, no matter how hard she tries, can she ever really say goodbye to her past? Emily has a secret. 
No-one has ever guessed it. 
Will you?

I had the privilege of meeting author Tina Seskis earlier this month and after listening to her talking about her book, the storyline really intrigued me and her passion for her book was what actually made me want to read it as she sounded so excited when she was talking to me about it.

Emily walks away from her life, leaving behind her husband and little Charlie and begins to start life again with a new home, new job, even a new name. She sparks up a friendship with one of her housemates Angel. Her life takes a completely different path from her life before but how long will she be able to keep her secret from her new friend and will this be a lifelong change or will she be found?

The cover to this book really gives nothing away it is a very plain cover that conceals an amazing storyline. Tina Seskis has such a skilled writing style she creates such an enthralling storyline that will slowly draw you in until you are hooked and just as you are immersed in the storyline there is a completely unpredictable twist! The whole book was totally unpredictable and the twist has to be the biggest unexpected twist I have read in a book this year. I love a book that can chock me and this one blew me away.

This is a stunning debut and although I am not usually big on thrillers this book really suited me and kept me gripped the whole way through. I loved the romance, suspense and mystery that were present in the book, there really is something to suit everyone’s taste in this book.

I cannot tell you the last time I read a book where I had absolutely no idea what lie ahead, you are on the edge of your seat with suspense and tension as you know something major has happened. The author does cover a couple of sensitive topics but again this shows the beautiful writing style as they were written full of detail but also very carefully.

I absolutely loved this book and as much as it was a real page turner I did find that I savoured each page. This is one of those books that creep along at an enjoyable 4 star read and then dramatically ups to a 5* read. I can not wait for the release of this authors new book to be released, this is an author to watch out for I am sure she will bring us more thrilling and captivating reads.

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