Friday, 5 December 2014

Penguin Event.

Last Night I was lucky enough to be invited to Penguin Women's Fiction Evening, I have been looking forward to this event for a long time, I was going to meet up with the lovely Amanda but unfortunately she was poorly on the day and couldn't make it, I hope you feel better soon my little bookworm!

I was very nervous attending this event alone, I am sure you all know by now how nervous and anxious I get but I was so excited and luckily this over took the nerves and I am so pleased I did because it was such a wonderful evening with great company.

Lucy Robinson

Sinead Moriarty
I was star struck yet again as soon as I walked in with so many fabulous authors it was like Christmas not knowing what present to open first but instead which author to approach first!
I was firstly introduced to Dinah Jefferies who was a lovely lady with gorgeous sparkly red nails for the event she took the time to talk to myself and another reviewer answering our questions and talking to us about her up and coming release The Tea Planter's Wife which sounds like a great read.

We were then approached by the very bubbly Tina Seskis, I have yet to read her book One Step Too Far but this will be going to the top of my pile now as her new book When We Were Friends is due out in April and after seeing this authors enthusiasm for her book I can not wait to read it!

I was then introduced to the absolutely stunning Sinead Moriarty who was enjoying her night away in London and talking to us about her book The Secrets Sisters Keep which I was lucky enough to pick up a copy and I have to say the synopsis sounds intriguing.

I then managed to grab the lovely Lucy Robinson, I love this woman as much as her books and yes I do go all fangirl and start throwing question after question but mainly I needed to be reasured that after her telling off video from penguin ( is it wrong I am still chuckling away at this?)  I was hoping that this didnt mean that her new book The Day we Disappeared wasn't going to be too tame now as this is what sets Lucy Robinson aside from other authors it is her unique style and I was pleased to hear that she will not be disappointing us!
We got a proof copy of her new book and I have to say I felt like a thief walking home with a precious jewel!

Finally I met Kate Riordan author of The Girl in the Photograph who was such a sweet and friendly woman, she took the time to tell me about her book and I was surprised by the subject matter as I wasn't expecting that based on the cover I had seen but having seen the new cover it is definitely more appealing and fitting with the storyline, I can see that the new cover will be more eyecatching on the shelf. This sounds different from my usual reads so because my reading mojo has been hanging on an edge recently I am going to make this my next read keep your eyes peeled for the review.

There were so many other authors but there just wasn't enough time to get around to each of them which was a shame but I hope if I am ever luck enough to be invited to another Penguin event I may be able to catch up with them at another time.



As well as meeting all the wonderful authors it was also a great chance to meet other reviewers who I have spoken to over the years and it was lovely to put faces to names. I met the lovely Laura and Zarina who looked as excited as I felt!
I also met Bronagh who was such a sweetie and showed much more restraint than me!
My little angel of the night was Karen like myself Karen didn't know anyone else and I just want to say a BIG thank you to Karen for holding my hand so I couldn't chicken out! 
It was a pleasure to meet you all ladies.

My Christmas has well and truly come early!
Thank you so much to the team at Penguin for all of these
fabulous books I can not wait to get started already.
You hosted an amazing evening which will be a night to remember, 
it is most definitely a big highlight of my year.
You were all so welcoming and I am honoured to have been invited
and to finally get a chance to meet you all.
So a great BIG THANK YOU to you all for a night to remember.


  1. A great post Rea. It was a pleasure to hold your hand - although you held mine too! Thank you for your lovely company. It was a fabulous evening and all thanks to Penguin for the very kind invitation. x

    1. Fingers crossed out paths will cross at an event in the future xXx

  2. You got photos with all the lovely authors! Need to pay better attention next time as I wanted to do the same but wasn't sure if anyone else was ;)

    It really was a brilliant night and it was such a lovely bonus to meet you!

    1. Lol I must admit I was too busy talking so forgot to get the others whoooops! I didn't get one with you either so that is on our to do list next time!! xx