Thursday, 12 February 2015

A Vintage Wedding by Katie Fforde

In a small Cotswold country town, Beth, Lindy and Rachel are looking for new beginnings.
So they set up in business, organising stylish and perfectly affordable vintage weddings.
Soon they are busy arranging other people's Big Days.
What none of them know is that their own romances lie waiting, just around the corner ...

I can never resist a new Katie Fforde book and after having a sneak peak of A Vintage Wedding in A Christmas Feast I have been eagerly awaiting the release because I loved the three main characters straight away even just in that little taster.

Lindy, Beth and Rachel are all in a rut and need something to focus on and bring in the money. Between the three of them they pull all of their skills and interests together and begin a new business arranging weddings for brides on a budget. As they plan beautiful weddings for the stunning brides will the romance finally rub off on the ladies too?

Oh I am so disappointed that I have finished this wonderful book, I actually came home today looking forward to delving back into this book forgetting I had finished it last night!
Yet again Katie Fforde delivers such a perfect, gentle and uplifting read that grabs your attention straight from the start.

Our three main characters are all genuine hardworking and enthusiastic characters, they are determined to make a real success of their new venture. All three of the women brought something different to the storyline, Rachel was the uber organised clean freak and I could feel her tension through the pages at the sight of each spec of dirt! Lindy was a down to earth mum to two young boys and lives in chaos and is looking forward to something new to focus on and the money will sure help her and the boys. Then we have Beth who is new to the area and is living in her sister in-laws second home but she needs to start making something of her life and start putting down roots.

Other than the Vintage Wedding business there is something else the women have in common and that is their disastrous love lives, and even during this book the romance was definitely had its ups and downs.  What I loved the most was watching the friendship that formed between the Lindy, Beth and Rachel, they built such a strong bond and the only thing that was unrealistic was how quick they took the plunge to go into business together but it was so easy to overlook that because of the great friendship and delightful uplifting storyline.

This was another hearty read that shows the authors skillful writing style and I thoroughly enjoyed each and every chapter and I know I will be recommending this book all through the year.

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