Wednesday, 18 March 2015

His Other Life by Beth Thomas

Today on the blog it is my stop on the 
His Other Life Blog Tour

Beth joins us today to answer some questions for us about her new book baby.

1)Tell us briefly what His Other Life is about.
 Briefly it’s about a young woman, Grace, who is recently married to her dream guy and discovers there’s a bit more to him than she thought when he goes out one night for take away food and doesn’t come back. From then on, it’s about Grace’s determination to find out what happened to him, while at the same dealing with devastating loss, betrayal, rage and intense curiosity. 

2) The cover for His Other Life is stunning and definitely one that will stand out on the shelf, what were your thoughts when you saw the cover and do you get much import in the design? Luckily I didn’t have any input into the design! It is absolutely gorgeous isn’t it? I couldn’t be happier with it. As soon as I saw it, I could see it was incredibly eye-catching and dramatic, as well as really beautiful. And somehow it seems to tell its own little story, doesn’t it? I think it’s absolutely perfect for this story, and beautiful covers like these conjure up a real desire of ownership. People will want to own this book (I hope!) In my opinion, gorgeous covers are the reason why e-readers will never completely replace paper books.

3) This is your second book, did you find this one harder to write especially having a deadline? Actually the deadline makes it slightly less difficult. There’s nothing more motivating than a deadline, so I knew I had to crack on with it and made myself do an hour after work every day. I don’t think I would have been as disciplined as that without the deadline! Please don’t misunderstand, it was still pretty stressful! And although the deadline helped, the story was much more difficult to write than Carry You, because I have no experience of anyone I love popping out for de-icer or something and never being seen again. To imagine what someone would feel like in those circumstances was pretty challenging. 

4) How do you plan on celebrating the release of your second book?
I will – I hope – be meeting my agent Laura and my editor Lydia for a slap up meal and some fizzy alcohol. I can’t wait! Also it’s my fhmnhth birthday two days after the paperback is released, so I’m having a Cake and Karaoke party that day to celebrate making it to this age and publishing His Other Life. 

5) Are you currently working on a book 3 for us and if so can you tell us anything about it?
Oh hell yes. Don’t really want to give too much away at this stage, except to say that it is part supernatural , part rom com, and part theoretical cosmological physics. ;)

Thank you for stopping by and chatting to us Beth, I hope you enjoy Cake and Karaoke party!


When I first see the cover for His Other Life by Beth Thomas I loved it and headed straight over to Amazon to find out what the book was about and my interest was piqued straight away so this was added straight to my wish list but I was lucky enough to be sent an advanced copy so as soon as it arrived I started on it straight away.

From the outside Grace and Adam look like they have a perfect marriage but not everything is as it seems, one day Adam heads out to go and get the take away for dinner only hours later he still hasn’t returned. Grace does everything with the help of her friend Ginger to try and track him down but it soon becomes apparent that there are hidden secrets that Adam has been hiding but can Grace get to the bottom of his disappearance?

This is the full package an enchanting cover an intriguing synopsis and a captivating storyline so you can see that this book doesn’t disappoint. The storyline flows at a perfect pace and as we slowly uncover snippets and clues about Adam I felt myself being drawn right into the heart of the storyline alongside Grace.

Grace is a vulnerable character who seems to have become a shadow of her former self and my heart really went out for her character she seems so numb and lifeless at the beginning of the book so I loved seeing her confidence begin to grow and her gradually find herself again along the way.

There was a great amount of suspense in this book and I had no idea until around three quarters of the way through as to what on earth was going on with Adam and even though by that point I had worked it out I loved seeing everything revealed. There was a nice little romance feel to this book too which felt believable and added a nice touch to the storyline.

What an enthralling read this was I thoroughly enjoyed this book. This is currently unbelievably only 99p on Kindle so get in quick. ( at time of review)

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  1. this sounds intriguing and the cover is so pretty. Love the q&a section 😃

  2. Just discovered your brilliant book blog. I'm fascinated by the sound of His Other Life and look forward to reading it.