Sunday, 21 June 2015

Romance Festival Event

Today has been a dream come true! 
I was invited to attend the Romance Festival which was held at the 
impressive Harper Collins Offices.
We had the chance to mingle with all the inspiring authors and grill them on their books,
and it was great to catch up with the lovely book bloggers who attended too even if speaking to them always results in more books being recommended and added to my TBR pile!
The pink fizz was flowing and delicious cakes were there to tempt us along with mountains of books!

Book bloggers Sharon, Laura, Julie, Amanda and Me!

Meeting Alexandra Brown

I have wanted to meet Alexandra Brown for ages as I am a big fan, I loved her Carrington's series and her last book The Great Christmas Knit Off was one of my top reads of 2014 her new book The Great Village Show is out on the 30th July ( Kindle 2nd July ) and I can not wait as this book is also set in Tindledale. Alexandra was every bit as lovely in real life as she is on social media as soon as she arrived Amanda and I were ready to pounce on her to say hello! I could have spent all night chatting away to her and admiring her glitzy nails!

Me and Carmel Harrington
Carmel is such a glamorous and friendly lady, I have spoken to Carmel for what seems like years over Facebook and Twitter and with her being the first author to ever make me cry whilst reading a book I have wanted to meet her to praise her on such a heartbreaking read. Carmel has a new book coming out in October called Every Time a Bell Rings and Carmel has informed me that I may well need to stock up on the kleenex again!

Me and Sarah Morgan

As soon as I arrived at the event Sarah was there and I immediately went over to say hello before my nerves could get the better of me! I have just finished reading Sarah's upcoming release Some Kind of Wonderful (although you may spy early copies in Sainsburys!) it is the second book in the Puffin Island trilogy and what a fabulous read it was. It was so nice to get a chance to talk to Sarah who is such a little sweetheart she is so welcoming and friendly.

Me and Erin Lawless
What a little cutie Erin was! She had me chuckling away with her welcoming drink mishap and her balloon decoration which unfortunately didn't make it into this picture! Erin's latest book Somewhere Only We Know is out now on kindle and I am looking forward to reading this one.

There were so many other wonderful authors there too it was a shame that we couldn't have a sleep over and chat more! I had a great chat with Jenny Oliver about getting the balance between the day job and writing, I am looking forward to downloading her e-books from the Cherry Tree Island series. There were also a couple of authors with debuts just released or coming out Haley Hill with It's Got to be Perfect which sounds like a great read and has a gorgeous cover which I spotted as soon as we entered the room. It was great to see Bella Osborne's book in paperback form as it truly is a stunning cover. Also The Thirty List by Eva Woods which sounds like a fun romantic read. I also picked up a copy of Zara Stoneley's books which she was kind enough to sign. Unfortunately I missed Lucy Holiday but I grabbed a copy of her book after hearing such great comments about it.

The generous team behind the Romance Festival were extrememly generous and gave us a goody bag with a tshirt and fridge magnet notepad and we were allowed to pick any books that took our fancy and we were able to get them signed by the lovely authors too.

Whilst I was there I finally got a chance to see the iconic book wall! I even managed to find two of my favourite authors books Lucy Clarke and Miranda Dickinson!

I would like to say a big thank you to the teams at Harper Collins, Harper Impulse, Mills and Boon, Harlequin and Carina for organising and hosting this fabulous event, it was such a relaxed evening and I enjoyed every minute of it.
Also thank you to all the lovely authors and bloggers for making such a fun evening with great company.


  1. Sounds like you had a fab day, look at all those books! Enjoy reading them, some are on my TBR pile and some have already been read. Lx

    1. Thank you, I hope you enjoy the ones on your pile and keep your eyes peeled as some are coming up on a giveaway! xx