Thursday, 4 June 2015

The Turning Point by Freya North

Everyone deserves a new beginning. But sometimes fate isn’t on your side… Over one short weekend, when Canadian musician Scott Emerson and British children's author Frankie Shaw meet by chance, a profound connection is made. Their homes are thousands of miles apart: Frankie and her children live by the coast of North Norfolk while Scott’s roots lie deep in the mountains of British Columbia.

Against all advice, they decide to see where this might go. Over oceans and time zones, they make sacrifices and take risks, discovering along the way new truths about love and family. For the first time in a long while, it seems life could be very good. 

But fate has a tragic twist in store, one that could destroy all that was hoped for.

I was so eager to start reading The Turning Point by Freya North that I didn’t even read the synopsis, I love this authors books so much that I have so much faith in her writing that it didn’t matter what the synopsis was going to say I was going to immerse myself in the storyline anyway so it was quite refreshing to read this book having no idea what it was going to be about.

Frankie Shaw who is a single mum and a children’s author meets musician Scott Emerson quite by chance when she was in London. The pair soon feel themselves quickly falling for each other but there is one big problem, Frankie and her two children live in Norfolk whilst Scott lives in British Columbia! Fate had brought the two together but will their relationship manage to go the distance?

I was really taken by Frankie and I think this was because she was a very normal believable character but also because of her job as an author. I loved the way we hear about problems authors face with their characters and also with writers block. Scott was a true gem, he was such a loving, thoughtful and caring guy I loved him from the moment I met him.

The storyline is quite simple and flows at a slow pace, we get to know each of the characters at the same time they are getting to know each other. There was a twist in this book that I really couldn’t see coming and it really shocked me and it was a turning point of the book. What has always drawn me to Freya North books is her beautiful descriptions, from Norfolk’s glorious beaches and friendly locals to British Columbia’s breath taking mountains and their culture.

I really found myself routing for both of the characters not just for their love for each other but also for those around them, you could see the impact that having found each other had on their families. Fate plays a big part in this book and it does make you think that you should always grab an opportunity with both hands.

This was an emotional, romantic, gentle read that I thoroughly enjoyed, this authors skilled writing style manages to pull me into the storyline each and every time.


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