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Greedily Yours by Emma Hamilton Review and Extract

Extract – Greedily Yours Episode 1

 Just as she reached the end of the station, a muddy Land Rover that had also seen better days hurtled around the corner, indicating to turn in. Mia waved frantically, but the Land Rover’s driver didn’t seem to see her. This road was normally full of people driving back from a day out, why was there no one today just when I need a lift? 
About fifteen minutes later, whilst Mia was thinking about whether she’d have the strength to drag her bags the two miles to the manor, the rumble of the Land Rover engine reached her ears. This time it was going at a slightly more sedate pace and she once again tried to flag it down, but before she’d disentangled herself from her bags, the driver slowed, and leaned out with an angry look on his face. “Why didn’t you wait at the bloody station you idiot?” He threw at her with a broad Cornish accent. Mia, taken aback, didn’t quite know what to say, realising gradually that this was the man she’d seen on the station about 40 minutes earlier. Instead, she stood gaping with her mouth open and closing like a fish out of water. 
 “This is the second time I’ve had to drive up here,” continued the driver angrily. “Today of all days. Well, you’d better get in, instead of standing their gawping at me like a bloody fish,” He finished, shaking his head so that his curls somewhat covered the angry flashes in his eyes. 
 Mia finally managed to stutter, “Are you from the manor then?” and then more peremptorily, “And where’s Lord Trelawney?” 
“Of course I’m from the manor,” said the driver, “Will you just get in, I haven’t got all bloody day. People from London - they really think they own the place,” he muttered a bit quieter. 
 Mia threw her bags in the back on top of a blanket covered in dog hairs and next to a large black Labrador which was panting slightly in the humidity. The driver revved up the engine as Mia hurried around to the other side to jump up into the cab before he could change his mind.
 As she glanced in the rear view mirror, she saw to her horror that the dog was busy investigating the picnic, had nosed open the wicker basket, and had lavender butter cream topping all around its whiskers. 
“Your dog appears to be eating my picnic,” said Mia, not wanting to upset this horrible man any more than she had to, in case he decided to throw another stream of invective and anger at her. 
“Well what do you expect if you put a basket of food on its blanket, he’s a dog, of course he’s going to think it’s for him,” said the man raising his eyebrows but this time there appeared to be a slight twinkle in them, too. 
Mia felt like crying, all her carefully laid plans were crumbling as they bounced and hurtled along the high country lanes past waving tamarisk and jumbled hedgerows towards the manor. The driver was a man of few words, apart from grumbling under his breath about Londoners and so she sat tight and kept quiet, biting her lip so as not to blub and ruin the last of her make-up which had started to run down her cheeks and smudge in the outer corners of her eyes. 
Finally they arrived at the tall wrought iron gates of the manor and the driver crunched to a halt on the gravel. “Well are you going to work for your living?” he said to Mia, indicating with a jerk of his head that she should get out and open the gates. 
 She obediently hopped out, hating this angry, rude, but annoyingly attractive man and opened the gates, dragging the heavy iron across the gravel, and grazing her foot along with it. When he’d driven inside, Mia followed hopping slightly and smarting at the pain in her foot. Not wanting the man to make another flippant comment she tried to hide what had happened and walked and hobbled to the back to get her luggage. 
 “Don’t,” shouted the man gruffly, “you’ll let the dog out and we’re not stopping here.” He stomped around to the back, commanding the dog, “Django, stay.” And then hauled Mia’s bags from the car unceremoniously, by now covered in dog hair and mud. “Do you know where to go?” grunted the man, seeming to soften and calm down slightly. “We normally start in the summer house,” squeaked out Mia and he nodded in the affirmative and turned to leave.

 “Be seeing you then,” he said and waved as he turned away. Not likely thought Mia, trying to figure out what would convince Lord Trelawney to hire such a rude man. 

 Greedily Yours (eight episodes) is published twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays from 15th June, price £1.49 each.

My Review

Greedily Yours  Taste Test is part one of a series of 8 eBooks which follow Mia Maxwell who has an intense love of food which she likes to share with others through her foodie blog alongside her day job as a food PR consultant. Her best friend Lizzie makes the most delicious cakes which Mia describes in such mouth-watering detail! This book is not safe to be reading whilst on a diet as you will be drooling over your kindle and if the descriptions of the food is not dangerous enough we are also treated to the recipes too which is a great added bonus!

I am not a fan of novella’s or episodes of books as I always prefer to read them as a whole novel but I must admit I did really enjoy this one as although it was a quick read which I finished in an hour I did find that there was a lot involved in the storyline and the characters were each developed well too so I didn’t feel cheated by it being a short episode like I usually find when reading them and I have found myself left eagerly awaiting the next episode to see what happens to Mia next.

This is the perfect title for this book Taste Test as it gives you a small taster of what to expect from the following episodes, we have been introduced to our characters and we now are left waiting to see what the events of episode one will have on Mia and her relationship.

Perfect for a light hearted, easy read with a splash of romance and a big helping of foodie delights to pass the time by on your way to work or for lazing around the pool this Summer.

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