Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Mile High by Rebecca Chance

Today it is my stop on the Mile High blog tour where I will be sharing my review of this steamy and scandalous read that is one not to be missed. Be sure to stop by the other blogs on the tour too.

My Review

As soon as Mile High arrived I couldn’t wait to get started and so I put my current read aside and delved into this latest book by one of my favourite authors Rebecca Chance, what I didn’t expect was to finish this hefty book of 482 pages in one sitting! I missed dinner so at least it helped the diet!

This time the storyline is set onboard the brand spanking new Pure Air’s new LuxeLiner which if I am completely honest worried me a little, it is a good job I have faith in this authors books because I coundn’t see how the author was going to create enough drama and tension on board a plane for 482 pages without my interest starting to waiver but once again Rebecca Chance has given us a twisted and dramatic read with her signature steaming sex scenes which had me hooked the whole way through.

We join the crew and VIP’s in first class on the first ever flight on board the new plane and it is clear from the start that this is going to be an eventful flight when we are made aware that singer Catalina is going to be flying with them but she is going through a very disturbing and trying time, a stalker has been getting a little too close but surely they wouldn’t make it onto this exclusive plane with her?

I loved the suspense that the author managed to create surrounding this dark and disturbing stalker, knowing they were on board I thought I knew who it was only then for another chapter to pass which then found me suspecting someone else and when everything was finally revealed I was completely baffled and couldn’t believe I hadn’t seen it coming!

The authors scandalous and sizzling scenes are back again and I did actually find myself chuckling away in one of the scenes. I love how easy the flow of these scenes are to read, yes they are graphic so if you are not one that likes to read sex scenes then this won’t be the book for you but personally I love it because it fits right in with the storyline and it is what I come to expect from a Rebecca Chance book alongside the Glitz, glamour and scandal.

I personally didn’t feel we needed the part with Justin ( sorry folks can’t say more than that as I don’t want to give a spoiler) especially because he didn’t play a big part in the storyline,I think this part will be easily forgettable as there was already enough drama surrounding the Stalker and Angela’s little stumble but that is just my opinion.

There is a diverse range of characters to get your head around in this book but it doesn’t take long to differentiate between the characters. Catalina is our main focus and she is a little slip of a thing but she seems to have a kind heart and a big talent oh and a strong, dishy knockout of a bodyguard!
I have to admit I am not a fan of the cover of this book, it seems a little bland for the compelling storyline that it holds but then I was always going to be hard to please as the signature shoe covers were always firm favourites of mine and ones that always stood out on the shelves.

This was another fabulous read by Rebecca Chance, dramatic, scandalous and saucy not one to be missed.

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