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The Piano Man Project by Kat French

Today I am wrapping up The Piano Man Project Blog Tour, this is the first book in a long time that I have laughed out loud to because it is totally my sense of humor. As well as my review for this book I also have an extract from the book to share with you thanks to the lovely team at Avon.

Hal heard female laughter and doors slamming well after midnight in the shared hallway outside his flat and yanked the hard, unfamiliar pillow over his head. Great. His new neighbour had a laugh like an alley cat as well as no respect for anyone else in the house. Had he been in a charitable mood, he might have acknowledged that she actually had no clue he’d moved in that afternoon, but her laughter annoyed him too much to be reasonable. Laughter annoyed him right now. As did people. Laughing people were a particular bugbear. He’d been here for less than a day, but he hated this house already. 


Honey squinted like a gremlin against the glare of the morning sun. Or was it afternoon? After a morning spent lounging on the sofa, her hangover had been replaced with the dire need for a bacon sandwich and a bucket of coffee. Pan on and bacon in, she started to feel a little less deathly and ran to grab the ringing phone before it clicked to the machine.
 ‘You sound as rough as I feel,’ Tash grumbled. ‘What did we drink last night? Meths?’ 
‘The tequila was your idea.’ Honey grimaced. ‘Did you get home okay?’ 
‘Course. The taxi driver made me hang my head out of the bloody window in case I threw up, but yeah.’
 Honey laughed at the image of Tash like a family dog on a road trip.
 ‘I wonder how Nell is?’
 ‘Fine, no doubt. She’ll have drunk two pints of water before bed, and have Simon on hand with Alka-Seltzer and a bowl of hand-mixed muesli. Lucky cow.’ 
Honey knew Tash well enough to detect fondness behind the grouch.
 ‘It’s our own fault,’ Honey laughed. ‘Nell didn’t have tequila. It’s the mixing that kills.’ 
‘Does she always have to be so friggin’ sensible?’
 ‘Yeah, but who would you rather be this morning?’
 ‘Er, waking up next to Simon, the dullest man on earth?’ Tash said. ‘I’ll stick to the tequila and the headaches, ta very much.’ 
Honey yelped as a screechy wail assaulted her ears.
 ‘What the fuck is that noise?’ Tash yelled.
 ‘Crap! The smoke alarm! Gotta go, Tash. Love you.’ 
Honey belted into the kitchen. Smoke and burnt bacon. Double crap. At least there were no flames yet. She hurled the pan in the sink, wincing as the high-pitched alarm battered her already thumping head. She scrabbled onto a chair and pressed reset, weak with relief as the noise stopped. Then she tilted her head. It hadn’t completely stopped. Triple crap. Wow, she’d done a thorough job. When she opened her front door the alarm out in the hallway was going full throttle, and the damn thing was too high for her to reach.
 She clamped her hands over her ears, then jumped out of her skin when the door to the empty flat opposite hers flung wide open.

My Review

I can not tell you the last time I read a book that had me laugh like I did with The Piano Man Project, sometimes you read a book and it feels as though it is written for you and this was how I felt with this book as it was totally my sense of humour.

Honey has never had an orgasm much to her best friends Tash and Nell's disbelief, they make it their mission to try and find the perfect man to give Honey the sex she has been missing out and surely a pianist is the best man for the job seeing as they are so good with their hands. 
When a rude and arrogant man named Hal moves in next door to Honey he soon gets in the way of their master plan.

This book will grab you attention from the first page and the author gets straight to the nitty gritty there is no gently easing us into the storyline which I loved. I found myself on numerous occasions chuckling away out loud to this witty storyline.

Honey is a soft natured, caring character but we see as the book progresses that she isn't afraid to reveal all. Hal was rude, arrogant and bad tempered on the outside but when we dig deeper we know there is a sexy loving side to him hidden away somewhere!

Kat French manages to create a very skilled humorous storyline she very carefully uses a disability to bring us humour, not laughing at the disability but at people's reactions to it where usually they are trying to be careful and actually end up putting their foot in it. It was great to see from Hal's point of view too as yes he has a disability but he is still a normal person with a cracking sense of humour when he lets it out.

This book was so down to earth with a light, romantic and modern feel to it. I found my attention was held the whole way through and it kept me very entertained, after reading so many dark twisted books recently this book came along at the perfect time to bring some light and laughs. 

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