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The Things We Do For Love by Alice Peterson

Today it is my stop on The Things We Do For Love by Alice Peterson blog tour. Alice is one of my top 5 authors so I was thrilled to be asked to be a part of this blog tour and I am pleased to be able to share with you my review for this heart warming book. I am also joined by Alice who has a special Guest Post for us.

Falling in love with … ouch… your boss…! Or your teacher, or in my case…
In the Things We Do For Love, I don’t think I’d be giving the game away too much by saying January finds herself in a hopeless situation: she not only falls in love with her boss, but she falls in love with her married boss. So it got me thinking about the people I’ve fallen for, people I really shouldn’t have even noticed in that way. I haven’t found myself in such a tangle as January, working in an office, seeing my boss every day, emotions becoming more and more confused, and desperately trying to keep my distance because the last thing I want to do is break up a relationship. I feel for January. It’s not easy keeping her distance when she is the boss’s PA and he calls you into his office every other minute…
My love life hasn’t been nearly as complicated as January’s but that’s not to say I’ve never fallen for people that I just shouldn’t have fallen for… I have done so quite a few times, and some experiences I can’t write about (sorry) because he may well be reading this! So instead, I am going to take you back in time, to my first crush.
I was twelve years old and had just begun playing competitive tennis. Mum had arranged a tennis lesson with the Winchester Club pro, Dave. Up until then I’d had no interest in boys (and certainly not in men). You should have seen the clothes I wore! Dowdy old kilts and polo necks, thick tights and shirts buttoned right up to the collar - and my hair was styled in two fat plaits. The only love of my life was my tennis racket that I frequently took up to bed with me, along with our family dog, Gemma. So I didn’t understand quite why I began to feel whatever is was for Dave, especially when he stood opposite me on the court, hand on his hips, frowning as he said,
‘You’re too fat and you need to cut your hair!’
From then on, it was true love!
Here was this vision, this man in a turquoise shell tracksuit and smart trainers, a chain around his wrist, or was it around his neck, I can’t really remember, except thinking it was so different to my father! I think he might have even had one ear pierced. It was all so exciting. My knees gave way and my heart began to pound as we hit some balls across the net. And then when I served he was standing right behind me, showing me the shoulder and swing action. It must have been his authority, charisma, charm, his leadership qualities and the fact that we were working towards the same goal: me getting to play at Wimbledon. And lastly, his looks might have had something to do with it. He wasn’t good looking in a conventional way but he was definitely attractive. He would have been in his early 30s when I first met him and married, but that didn’t stop me from fantasising about Dave driving me away in his red sports car and often I imagined what it would feel like to kiss him (I really hope he’s not reading this!!) Often he was in my diary entries with hearts around his name. Over the years, up until I was eighteen, I did, of course, get over my crush and we became good friends on and off the court - no scandal I’m afraid, and thank goodness too. Rather than falling in love, instead Dave saw me to the starry heights of becoming one of the top ten best players in the country, and I will always look back affectionately to those times. 

The Things We Do For Love
September 10th 2015
Published by Quercus

Love may hurt, but not loving hurts even more . . . 
 January Wild loves her daughter, her dog and her childhood home by the sea. Single parenting is tough, but January has no regrets. She has a job she loves, a happy home and the support of her beloved grandfather. The arrival of a new boss, however, threatens to shake up January's safe world. Ward Metcalfe loves great sales results and a well-run office. Everyone at her office agrees: Ward is a soulless, corporate slave driver. Even Spud, the company mascot, dislikes him. 
 A secret stands between them. Yet over time January sees there is more to Ward than meets the eye. Rumours circulate. 
What exactly is he hiding? 
and is January prepared to risk everything to find out?

I can’t tell you how excited I was to start reading Alice Peterson’s latest release The Things we do for Love. I have adored every single book this author has delivered and I trust her writing so much that I didn’t even read the synopsis as I just wanted to full into the storyline straight away.

Our heroine in this book is January, she is a strong and courageous character who has a pure heart of gold so she is easy to love. She has had a very tough life from an early age and yet she still picks herself up and pushes on with life and seems to overcome each hurdle and finding herself that little bit stronger but it is clear that she still holds a lot of emotion inside.

The book jumps back and forth through time which allows us to really get to know January and see what she has had to go through in life. We meet her precious little girl Isla who is a wonderful little girl who unfortunately suffers with Cerebral Palsy which is a big pressure on January especially having to juggle being a single parent and also a job to pay the bills it leaves little time for herself or for romance to blossom.

This is such a poignant read that so incredibly beautifully written. I was so moved by January’s story it was highly emotive and yet in the same breath I also found the storyline quite uplifting too. The author has poured her heart into this book and it is felt through every chapter. The topic of Cerebral Palsy plays a strong part in this storyline and the author tackles this subject with such tenderness but also with a lot of knowledge surrounding the condition so it showed that the author undertook plenty of research in this area.

As well as the storyline pulling on my heartstrings which I often find when I read an Alice Peterson novel there was also a splash of romance too and it was great to watch the romance blossom and you can’t help but wish for January to have a happy ending after all she has been through.

I have enjoyed each and every book by Alice Peterson and constantly find myself recommending them but my favourite has always been By My Side and I have a special attachment to that book and I have to say that The Things We do for Love was the first book of hers to come very close to knocking this one off of my top spot!

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