Sunday, 22 November 2015

A Wedding at Christmas by Chrissie Manby

What comes to mind when you picture a wedding at Christmas?
A gorgeous white dress accessorised with a thick velvet cape... bridesmaids in red velvet too? 
An arch of Christmas greenery: holly and ivy and boughs of fir. Candles and fairy lights. Snow! 
Chelsea Benson has just twelve weeks to organise her perfect winter wedding. Her family and friends pitch in to help, but sisterly squabbling, issues with money and an Ice-Queen mother-in-law soon threaten Chelsea's plans for her big day. And that's without the firework fiasco... 
Rescuing Chelsea's dream of a proper family wedding might just take all the magic of Christmas...

My favourite series of books recently have been the “Proper” books with the Benson family by Chrissie Manby, I absolutely adore the sparkly festive look to A Wedding at Christmas but I have to admit I can’t help calling it A Proper Wedding at Christmas!

Chelsea and Adam have a Wedding to plan but when is anything straight forward when the Benson’s are involved. The Wedding is brought forward leaving only 12 weeks to pull this Wedding off but with so many big characters and opinions emotions start running high and before long sparks are flying in more ways than one!

The humour which I loved in the previous books is still present in this book but we also find that parts of this storyline are very emotional too and I found myself reading part of this book on my course which wasn’t a good idea as it brought a tear to my eye.  The ending was a little predictable but the way it was handled was so beautifully written so this wasn’t a problem although it still broke my heart!

So often as books progress in a series I find that they start to feel drawn out and lose their appeal but this is really not the case with this book I can actually see that there could be one more book in the series but I can also see why Chrissie Manby may want to leave this series where it is. This could be read as a standalone novel as the important parts of the previous books are recapped during this book but personally this is my favourite series of books and I don’t see how anyone would want to miss out on meeting this family from the beginning so treat yourself to them all as they will all have you laughing out loud and loving this family even more.

I love every single one of the family and they all seem so life like, it is like reading about the family next door and I really don’t want to leave these characters. I usually find it quite hard to read books with children in without them being annoying and childish talk but the children in this book along with the others are developed so well and bring so many witty moments to the storyline, in fact the majority of the humour comes from them especially little Jack and I have to say he is easily my favourite character.

This book gets a massive thumbs up from me and I will definitely be picking a few copies of this book up for friends for Christmas.

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