Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Redemption Song by Laura Wilkinson

Today I am taking part in the blog tour for Redemption Song by Laura Wilkinson and I will be sharing my review for this book, be sure to stop by the other blogs taking part on the tour.

My Review

Saffron was involved in a horrendous accident which changed her life, she was studying medicine and living in London but after the accident she fled back to live with her mum but she soon becomes suffocated by the small town, but when Joe arrives on the scene things start to look up. As the couple grow close they both still have barriers up and it isn’t long before Joe’s past catches up with him and is set to ruin everything.

The relationship that blossomed between Saffron and Joe did feel genuine and progressed in a believable manor and I was longing for the two of them to lower their guards and have their happy ever after as you could see how right they were for each other.

I loved Joe and he was actually my favourite character in this book, he was a grafter and a true gentleman but we know early on that he has a skeleton in his closet and although I had my suspicions I am pleased to say that it was still a shock when everything was revealed. Saffron was a little harder to warm to but I believe a lot of this was because she had become a cold character after keeping her own secret locked away which had made her draw in on herself but her character mellowed more towards the second half of the book.

The prologue in this book got off to a promising, quick and dramatic start which grabbed my attention very quickly but I actually think this may have affected my enjoyment on the rest of the book as it made me very alert and inquisitive but then, although the remainder of the book was a pleasant read, it flowed at a very slow pace and was a very gentle read but it never quite felt like it got going. The last part of the book did pick up again especially when Joe’s secret background came to bite him on the bum.

I did enjoy this book but I just felt like the prologue set the wrong pace for this book. The author has great strength in her character building and also in keeping the subtle suspense factor and I would be interested to read more upcoming books by this author.

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