Sunday, 20 March 2016

Out of the Darkness by Katy Hogan

Following the sudden death of her beloved mother, Jessica Gibson's world falls apart. But after meeting a man who seems heaven-sent, she starts to feel she has something to live for again, and soon discovers that their connection holds far more significance than she could ever have imagined. And when Jessica strikes an unlikely bond with Alexandra Green, the two new friends are taken on an emotional journey into the world of the supernatural, where psychic mediums pass on messages from beyond the grave. 

What -- or who -- is causing the strange goings-on in Alex's home? What secret is she keeping from Jessica? And who is the young woman who so badly needs their help?

In a series of surprising twists and turns, the pieces of the puzzle finally fall into place and a mystery is unwittingly solved -- with life-changing consequences for all involved.

I was sent a copy of Out of the Darkness by author Katy Hogan and after reading the synopsis I was eager to start this book as the spirit world is something that has always been an interest of mine. Katy Hogan gets the balance just right in this book talking about the messages from the other side with out it stepping over to the "magical" or "spooky ghostly" path which I often find in similar books which then makes the storyline lose its believable and emotional edge. 

The story begins by introducing us to one of main characters, Jessica who is struggling to come to terms with the death of her mother. Jessica meets a guy called Finn quite by chance and that one night changes her life completely and brings light into her darkness and it is because of this event that fate happens in bringing another of our two characters Alex and Hannah into Jessica's life. Little do the ladies know that their new friendship may not have been a coincidence.

Each of the characters are dealing with raw emotion but this book shows the importance of friendship and how strong it can be as they are there for each other as a constant support network to pull each other out the other side of their grief.

The storyline is sure to pull at your heart strings and I have to admit to having a lump in my throat at one particular part of this book. Don't feel like this book is going to have you wallowing all the way through though because although it deals with death, grieving and illness there is also a comforting and touching side to the book too. I loved how unpredictable the storyline was and also how fast paced the book was I read it in one sitting and there was never a slow or drawn out moment in the whole book which is why I found it so engaging.


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