Sunday, 17 April 2016

The Best Thing that Never Happened to Me by Laura Tait and Jimmy Rice

Everyone remembers their first love. 
Holly certainly remembers Alex. But she decided ten years ago that love wasn’t about mix tapes and seizing the moment – though she’s not exactly sure it’s about secret dates with your boss, either. 

But what if the feelings never really went away? Alex wants to make every moment of his new job count. It’s a fresh start in a big city, and he’s almost certain that moving to London has nothing to do with Holly. Almost. 

How do you know if it was meant to be… or never meant to happen at all?

I have to hold my hands up and say I was hesitant to read The Best Thing that Never Happened to Me purely because I have only read 4 books that are written by a duo author team and I didn’t like any of them so I just feel that that structure just isn’t for me. So why am I reading it now I hear you shouting! I recently attended an event where Laura Tait & Jimmy Rice were interviewed and they seemed to have such great trust and respect for each other’s writing and they also had a great connection between them so I wanted to see if this come across in their book.

Holly and Alex was the best of friends at school but 10 years later their lives have gone in different directions, Holly is living in London and is in a clichéd relationship and Alex is about to make a big step and is making a move to London and a new job. Now their paths are about to cross for the first time since then but have their hidden feelings for each other fizzled out?

Each chapter alternates between Holly and Alex’s points of view and we get form a rounded picture of each character thanks to the glimpses of their past as well as the current day. The authors writing styles obviously complement each other as personally I wouldn’t have known that the book was written by two authors but I think what they have achieved is to have a strong male and female lead, perfecting the male and female quirks.

The storyline is one of those will they won’t they romances where at points you want nothing more than to see our characters reach a happy ending and at other points you just want to bash their heads together and make them open up about their feelings.

This is an uplifting read that has a little stream of humour running through mostly thanks to their friend Kev who is an out and out twat but underneath he actually has a heart in there somewhere!

I am so  pleased I decided to pick this book up because it was an enjoyable read with engaging characters. The authors obviously have something unique and work extremely well together, I can’t wait to read The Night that Changed Everything next.

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