Wednesday, 1 June 2016

The Postcard by Fern Britton

Secrets. Sisters. The summer that changed everything . . . 

Life in the Cornish village of Pendruggan isn’t always picture perfect. Penny Leighton has never told anyone why she’s estranged from her mother and sister. For years she’s kept her family secrets locked away in her heart, but they’ve been quietly eating away at her. When an unwelcome visitor blows in, Penny is brought face to face with the past. And a postcard, tucked away in a long-hidden case, holds the truth that could change everything. 

Young Ella has come back to the place where she spent a happy childhood with her grandmother. Now she’s here to search for everything missing in her life. Taken under Penny’s broken wing for the summer, the safe haven of Pendruggan feels like the place for a fresh start. Soon, however, Ella starts to wonder if perhaps her real legacy doesn’t lie in the past at all.

I have read all of Fern Britton’s previous books and having just finished her new release The Postcard I can honestly say this is by far my favourite. The book reunites us with Penny Leighton who we met in A Seaside Affair, she is now married to the local vicar Simon Canter and they have a beautiful little girl called Jenna but life isn’t all rosy as Penny is struggling to juggle everything. Being a new mother, keeping the house and her career facing trouble things all become too much add the arrival of her sister Suzie and Penny is facing too many demons and needs to find her way out of the black hole.

This book tackles mental health head on showing not only the emotions and desperation of the sufferer but also the effect it has on those around them too. I felt like this was delivered with great care and emotion and brought awareness about something that so many of us deal with now days. Although the topic made this quite a emotive read it wasn’t a depressive read as the support of friends and the community coming together brought a great light to the storyline and good old Queenie brings that touch of cheeky humour too.

I love that we re-visit characters from past books because that always gives a more familiar and welcoming feel to a book but we also get to meet some much loved new characters such as newbies to the village Kit and Adam who both brought the welcomed testosterone to the village! I also loved Ella too she was such a caring and friendly character who they all came to be able to depend on. The only character who I loathed from the first meeting was Suzie, she had such a scheming and spiteful feel to her character and I was wary of her from the get go.

I still could see us returning to these characters because I still think they have more in store for us so I hope to see Fern Britton bring them back to us. Although we have met Penny before don’t be put off is you haven’t read A Seaside Affair as this can quite easily be read as a stand-alone. This books gets a big thumbs up from me thanks to the engaging characters and relateable storyline which had me engrossed all the way through.

The Postcard is due for release in hardback and e-book on the 2nd June.

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