Tuesday, 7 June 2016

The Sunshine and Biscotti Club by Jenny Oliver

The ovens are pre-heating, the Prosecco is chilling…and The Sunshine and Biscotti Club is nearly ready to open its doors. But the guests have other things on their minds… 

Libby: The Blogger Life is Instagram-perfect for food blogger Libby…until she catches her husband cheating just weeks before her Italian cooking club’s grand opening. 

Eve: The Mum Eve’s marriage isn’t working, but she’s not dared admit it until now. A trip to Italy to help Libby open The Sunshine and Biscotti Club might be the perfect escape… 

Jessica: In Love with her Best Friend Jessica has thrown herself into her work to shut out the memory of the man who never loved her back. The same man who’s just turned up in Tuscany…

Welcome to Tuscany’s newest baking school – where your biscotti is served with a side of love, laughter and ice-cold limoncello!

The cover of The Sunshine and Biscotti Club will definitely entice you in if you are looking for a vibrant Summery read and the story it hold inside is a light, easy read perfect to pick up and put down on a lazy down around the pool.

Ultimately the storyline is about a group of friends who are reunited this Summer to help Libby renovate her baking school slash hotel ready to open to visitors from all over the world but along the way we find out each of them have their own relationship problems that they need to work through.

The recipes that Libby and her friends recreate in this book are mouth-wateringly good  and I found myself wanting to bake biscotti and I am a stranger to the kitchen. This is one of those books that I feel could have benefitted from having a couple of the recipes included in the book for readers to recreate.

Relationship troubles is a big focus in this book and with each chapter alternating between Libby, Eve and Jessica we get to know each of the characters and their problems and I was hoping they would all get their happy ending but I was just so surprised that the girls didn’t come together with a sympathetic ear and wise words for each other.

The only thing missing for me was the lack of chemistry between the characters considering they are all friends that go way back and who lived together for me the connection between them all was missing.

This storyline was set in a blissful location and I enjoyed the renovation side to the storyline, Libby sure got her friends to work hard. With a gentle pace and an easy storyline this book will make great company for your holiday this year.

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