Thursday, 28 July 2016

The Trouble with Henry and Zoe by Andy Jones

Henry and Zoe have more in common than they realise. For a start, they both have pasts they'd rather leave behind. 
After jilting his childhood sweetheart on the eve of their wedding, Henry makes a break for London. He has no friends, no job, no home, no plan. 
Zoe has great friends, two jobs, a new house, and a big scary plan. After a traumatic, life-changing event, she plans to leave London and spend a year travelling. Alone. 
If Henry and Zoe had met one year ago, things might have worked out differently. But that s not the way life works. They meet seven months after their worlds have been turned upside down. And four months before Zoe is due to climb on a plane...

After thoroughly enjoying The Two of Us by Andy Jones last year you can imagine my excitement when a copy of his second book The Trouble with Henry and Zoe arrived through the post.

We are introduced to our main characters Henry and Zoe and it is safe to say that they have both had a romantic past that they are keen to leave behind and they both have their own plans moving forward with Henry trying to make a new start in London and Zoe planning to jet off and travel the world taking in the sights and finding herself but will she still embark on her life changing adventure after meeting Henry only months before?

What made this such a delightful read were the engaging main characters who brought both humour and emotion to the storyline. The relationship that slowly builds between Henry and Zoe is very realistic especially taking into account the emotions both of the characters are still trying to overcome from their past relationships and rather than the author rush our characters into a predictable, unrealistic and quick happy ever after we actually watch the characters take their time in getting to know each other and just enjoy spending time with each other with no expectations or pressure which actually leaves us wondering if they will get together properly or if their relationship is just what they need to get over their past but are actually destined to take a different past and it is the constant uncertainty as to what will become of Zoe and Henry that had me hooked the whole way through.

The author manages to write perfectly from both Zoe and Henry’s points of views and yet you can still tell that it is a male author I think this is due to the humour but personally I love the different writing style as it is refreshing to have a new take on romance fiction. Although this is still a slightly emotive read this one didn’t have me blubbing like The Two of Us so you will be safe to read this one in public! It focuses on the big choices in life that we make and at the time they may seem like a bad choice but no matter what happened life goes on and it is a new chapter to look forward to and often good things can lie ahead. I couldn’t say that I enjoyed this one more than the author’s debut because they are both very different books that I loved equally but for different reasons.

The Two of Us will always be a memorable book as the storyline broke my heart but The Trouble with Henry and Zoe is a book that has come along at the right time for me with my own big decisions to make and I found this to be a heart-warming read with a light humour so it gets the thumbs up from me.

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