Thursday, 11 August 2016

Late Summer in the Vineyard by Jo Thomas

Emmy Bridges has always looked out for others. Now it's time to put down roots of her own.
Working for a wine-maker in France is the opportunity of a lifetime for Emmy. Even if she doesn't know a thing about wine - beyond what's on offer at the local supermarket.
There's plenty to get to grips with in the rustic town of Petit Frère. Emmy's new work friends need more than a little winning over. Then there's her infuriatingly brash tutor, Isaac, and the enigmatic Madame Beaumont, tucked away in her vineyard of secrets.
But Emmy will soon realise that in life - just as in wine-making - the best things happen when you let go and trust your instincts. Particularly when there's romance in the air...

Jo Thomas is an author who whisks us away to such idyllic locations and in her latest release Late Summer in the Vineyard we enjoy an escape to the South-West of France. Our heroine Emmy finds herself in a desperate situation, she is about to lose the house she lives in with her father and with her job hanging on by a thread she needs to get some money together fast. In the right place at the right time Emmy is given a life line, a chance to prove herself and earn big she will learn about wine ready to sell to the supermarkets when she gets home.

Emmy is well out of her comfort zone but she embraces the challenge that is thrown at her, more from her loving and caring nature of helping others than the career drive of her competitors. Spending time on a traditional working Vineyard soon see’s Emmy blossom as a character as she learns how the wine is produced and she begins to trust her own judgement and actually finds something she is rather good at.

There is a love triangle too involving Isaac and Charlie that has us guessing early on in the book what way things would go but I have to say by half way through I was sure I knew which path Emmy would take but I didn’t mind the predictability of it I was happy to watch things pan out.

I warmed to Emmy from the start of the book but I also loved a lot of the supporting characters too from the wise and guarded Madame Beaumont to the free- spirited Isaac, they all brought their own little something to the storyline.

Yet again the author has quite clearly thoroughly researched the development of wine and this comes across in great detail in the book, it is not something that has ever interested me but having read the book I would love to visit a vineyard and watch the process in action.

This is perfect Summer holiday reading with a glass of wine to keep you company, it didn’t enjoy this book quite as much as her previous books but it is still one I would gladly recommend, it is an uplifting and insightful read full of romance a splash of humour and a journey of self-discovery.

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  1. That cover is SO cute! It sounds like a good summer read.