Thursday, 15 September 2016

Letters from my Sister by Alice Peterson

Bells is always writing to her sister Katie, but Katie never replies. Preoccupied with her glamorous career in fashion, her busy life and her boyfriend Sam, she just doesn't have the time.
Then Bells announces that she's coming to stay. She's not a secret exactly, but. . . Sam doesn't know she exists.
For Bells doesn't fit into Katie's perfect world.
But when Bells does arrive, everything changes for Katie. Perhaps her perfect life isn't so perfect after all?

Alice Peterson is an author whose books I no longer bother to read the synopsis of her books anymore as I just know whatever she delivers is going to be exceptional. I thought I had read all of this authors books but I had somehow missed Letters from my Sister ( previously published as Look the World in the Eye) so I wasted no time in making a start on this book and I ended up totally immersed and read it from cover to cover in one day.

Katie has carved out a perfect life, she has a successful business in fashion, reliable friends and a gorgeous wealthy partner Sam but she has no time left for her family. Katie’s perfect glamorous life is about to have a spanner thrown in the works when Bells is due to come and stay, but she doesn’t fit in with her new life and Sam doesn’t even know she exists.

This was such a wonderful charming read that will tug on your heart strings and also take you on a rollercoaster of thoughts when it comes to how you feel about our main character Katie. At times I found her shallow and self-obsessed but once more of her background and upbringing was revealed there was part of me that could understand the reason she is the way she is.

Bells was such a loving little sweetheart who was by far my favourite character in this book and a character who will stay in my thoughts for a long time yet. I found the scenario surrounding Bells very insightful not just from how things are for her but also how it affects those around her too. Her character brought a great element of fun to the storyline and also to Katie’s life when she finally let her in.

The storyline is one that gets you thinking as it is a very realistic plot that addresses day to day issues of peoples thoughts and perceptions of people with disabilities showing that people are all too quick to judge without taking the thoughts of those involved into account.

I absolutely adored this book but Alice Peterson you can’t leave me hanging at the end like that! I really hope that the author revisits these characters at some point if not in a full novel on them at least popping up as supporting characters somewhere as I still feel there is more to see from these characters.

This was another well written and insightful storyline with engaging characters from Alice Peterson and it gets a big thumbs up from me.

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