Monday, 10 October 2016

All She Ever Wished For by Claudia Carroll

Marriage. It’s a dream come true. Isn’t it?

One wet winter night, two women meet on a bridge. One is Tess Taylor, a personal trainer on the way to meet her boyfriend for date night. The other is Kate King, a celebrity married to a handsome billionaire who just happens to make her cry. In the cold dark evening, there is nothing to link them together but the bridge they shiver on. Little do they know they’ll both hold the key to each other’s future marriage…

The cover for All She Ever Wished For is such and alluring and festive delight that catches the eye instantly and it holds an equal delightful storyline inside.

The chapters alternate between Kate and Tess's point of views and both their individual storys are weaved around the main storyline that connects the pair. Kate has lead a glamourous and full life but things have taken a downward spirial but se is not going down wihout a fight. Tess is the bride to be and as she is counting down the last few weeks until the big day there is still so much to be done and to top it off she receives a letter that is about to put more pressure ont the bride to be.

What I loved about this book was the set in a court hearing which is a first for me and I think this is what had me hooked is having this original storyline.

I found the relationship between Tess and Bernard quite cringey at times especially with his pet name for Tess but at the same time their relationship brought a touch of humour to the storyline too especially with the dreaded in-law introductions!

I found myself gripped by this storyline as I loved Tess and was also intrigued by Kate and as each part of her back story was revealed I grew to love her character too and was routing for her by the end.

The one thing I would say was I was expecting such a heart warming wintery and festive read judging by the cover but this was non existent in the book so if you are looking for a book to get you in the festive spirit then this book wouldn't be what you are looking for and yet it was still a romantic and entertaining read with a touch of light humour too.

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