Sunday, 16 October 2016

My Story by Jo Malone

My Story by Jo Malone quite simply blew me away. This was one of those few books that you begin reading and find yourself eagerly tuning those pages to see what she reveals next but in the same breath you don’t want to finish.

I am not a fan of biographies but when I heard that Jo Malone was releasing her story my interest was piqued instantly and I knew I had to get a copy as I have always been in awe of this woman and I wanted to see her journey from where she come from to all she has achieved and experienced along the way to where she is now.

I was quite surprised when I began to read the book that Jo Malone had grown up in surrounding areas from me and she was such a down to earth and normal girl next door who suffered the typical struggles of so many families, I always remember my mum and dad commenting on the ice on the insides of the windows too! 

Jo Malone doesn’t hold back she pours everything into this book sharing success stories as well as the hiccups and mistakes she made and learned from along her journey. Her passion and dedication is clear to see throughout the book and the support she received from her wonderful husband and friends does not go unnoticed too.

Before long you really feel as though you are just sitting down having a chat with Jo Malone herself as her voice sounds out from the pages. I found this such an inspiring read and I can’t help but admire this woman as she has got where she is today by starting at the bottom and with pure hard graft and determination she has made it to the top proving that if you really want something in life it is achievable and yes it isn’t easy by any means but it is possible.

I have recently given up my business and have been having doubts and it was great to hear that even the best in the business have times when they have wobbles, doubts and regrets but Jo Malone just dusts herself off and picks herself up and carries on.

I can’t finish this review without mentioning the Scent page at the front of the book which smells absolutely divine and every now and again whilst turning the pages I would catch another whiff! She has me sold, I will be picking up a bottle of Pomelo on my next trip up town.

This book will not disappoint it gives you a wonderful insight of a determined, lovable, passionate and inspirational woman on her journey through life that will keep you hooked the whole way through. I don’t usual keep books I have read as I have nowhere to store them but this one I cannot bare to part with and I know I will be turning back to read through these pages again.

First GEM rating of the year

Hardback              Kindle

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