Monday, 3 October 2016

You, Me and Him by Alice Peterson

Josie and Finn are happily married, with promising careers, and a gorgeous young son, George. But despite their apparently enviable lives, George's hyperactivity disorder means the days aren't always easy. Josie's best friend Clarky has always been there for her, and when she finds out she's pregnant again she turns to him for support. She loves George, but it's just such hard work, especially as Josie takes much of the strain. Finn is suspicious. 
What does Clarky want in return for his help? 
And just how close are they really?

You, Me and Him by Alice Peterson focuses on that age old question, can men and women really just be friends without other feelings being involved?

Josie and Clarky have been best friends since childhood and years later they are still as close as ever. Sarah is now married and has an adorable and yet challenging son George but Josie struggles with caring for George and rather than getting support from husband Finn, Josie always relies on Clarky but sometimes three is a crowd.

What I loved about this authors books and also what makes her stand out from other authors who write in the same genre is that each novel introduces us to a character who has some form of disability. Alice Peterson clearly researches in depth the effect each condition has on not only the character with the disability but also how it affects those around them too. Without giving too much away the character with a disability in this book is little George and at times my heart broke for the little lad who just wanted to be “normal” and have friends to play with. Josie was also a loving and caring character who had her flaws but she wasn’t a malicious character. Her friendship with Clarky was something I could relate to as I was in the same situation as her so I was eagerly turning those pages to see what the outcome for their friendship would be. My thoughts on both Clarky and Finn changed as the storyline progressed which was surprising.

This was an addictive and insightful page turner that may make some readers stop and think before they pass judgment on some parents and children’s behaviour in public. Alice Peterson has delivered another memorable and beautifully written book with such vivid characters who I am sad to leave behind.

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  1. Ohh, I should put this on my tbr list!
    Thanks for reviewing. I feel like this book just came out of nowhere, that's how new to me it is. I haven't seen anything about it on twitter even though I know the author, I guess I just missed it...