Wednesday, 9 November 2016

It's a Wonderful Life Blog Tour

Today it is my stop on the It's a Wonderful Life blog Tour and I am delighted to be able to share an extract from Julia William's latest release.

Daniel got in late from work to find Beth cooking and the kids, as usual, in their rooms. Sometimes it felt as if they’d already left home and it was just him and Beth in the house. For all the notice the kids took of them, they might as well be invisible. Still, it was always good to come home, to Beth, to their shared life. He was lucky to have such a family, lucky to have a four-bedroomed detached house, lucky to have a garden. He could never have imagined this happening to him when he was growing up, in the small flat he and his Mum had shared in south London.
            ‘Good day?’ Beth asked, giving him a welcoming hug. He pulled her to him, breathed her in. She was every bit as gorgeous to him now as she had been that first day he’d met her at teacher training, when she’d walked into the lecture hall and smiled at him. He’d taken one look at the pretty arty girl with the long curling hair, and known that he was smitten. All these years later and he still was.
            ‘Busy,’ said Daniel. ‘How did the meeting go?’
            ‘It was dire,’ said Beth. ‘That girl. Ugh. I’m more confused than ever. I feel this bloody book is going to be the death of me.’
            ‘I’m sure it’s not as bad as all that,’ said Daniel. Beth always fretted when she was in the middle of a book, but she pulled it off every time. It was a constant source of astonishment to him as to how she did it. He was so proud of her.
            ‘It really is,’ said Beth. ‘Oh, and you’ll never guess who the new Art Director is.’
            ‘Do you remember me telling you about a guy called Jack Stevens?’
            ‘The guy from college?’ Daniel had faint memories of Beth mentioning  a friend from art school called Jack years ago. Apparently he had always encouraged her when they were students, which had given her the confidence to do what she was doing now. For some reason they’d drifted apart after college; she was always a bit vague as to why.
            ‘The very same,’ said Beth. ‘Small world, huh?’
            ‘Isn’t it?’ Daniel said. ‘How was he?’
            ‘Just the same,’ said Beth. She seemed a bit preoccupied. ‘At least I know he’s on my side.’


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