Friday, 30 December 2016

The Year of Saying Yes by Hannah Doyle

Dear Readers
It's drizzling outside, which totally matches my #currentmood. Pigs in blankets, all the mince pies and a festive Baileys or five are distant memories. You know the drill - it's January. Everyone's banning booze (terrible idea) or cutting carbs (impossible). To add to the misery pile, my plans to seduce the man of my dreams at the stroke of midnight flopped spectacularly. 
I'm Izzy. I don't just need a New Year resolution, I need a whole new life. And I need YOU. My dreary life is about to get a total makeover - it's my 'Year of Saying Yes'. And this is where you come in. It's up to you to #DareIzzy. I'm saying yes to your challenges, no matter how nuts, adventurous or wild they are. The sky's the limit - I'm at your mercy, readers! 
Wish me luck. I have a feeling I'm going to need it. 
Izzy x  

I found myself only one book away from meeting my yearly goodreads target and I knew I wouldn't have time to finish a full length novel so on a whim I took to Amazon to see if I could find a short story and I came across Part 1 of The Year of Saying Yes by Hannah Doyle which sounded like the perfect read as we approach the New Year.

Like many of us Izzy finds herself each year writing down her New Years resolutions only to find that she has failed by the end of January, why do we put so much pressure on ourselves? In a turn of events Izzy gets the opportunity of a life time to give her career the big boost it needs by having a feature piece once a month in Pulse Magazine but she has to complete a dare each month but this can only be a good thing right?

I haven't enjoyed a book like this in a long time and I was actually so bummed when I reached the end as I was desperate to see what Izzy had to do for her next months dare but I shall have to be patient as Part 2 is not due for release until 12th January. Author Hannah Doyle has such a wonderful flow to her writing that pulls you in and keeps you entertained the whole way through thanks to her witty writing style and a main character who you love from the opening chapter. Anyone who is a fan of Lindsey Kelk and Jane Costello's earlier books will love The Year of Saying Yes as it had the same witty adventurous and modern feel to it. All the supporting characters we have met so far have
all been great and the relationships between Izzy and her friends and co workers are all so believable and they bring support to Izzy as she begins to step out of her comfort zone and her routines. 

This is the perfect read for this time of year with the topic of New Years resolutions being thrown around and with the January blues about to creep up on us all I am looking forward to Part 2 to lift my spirits in January. I have never really enjoyed books that are released in parts but I am really excited by this book. Role on 2017!

Part 1 is currently FREE so enjoy this guilt free treat.


  1. I am happy that you completed your target of reading for this year. Glad to know that the book was super good. Unlike other years, I could not reach anywhere near the target this year. Just 4 books. Last year, it was 30. It might be because, I have moved to the new city and taking time to settle down. Anyways catch you later...Happy New Year.

    1. Thank you for stopping by Shalet, I think I will find myself in the same situation as you next year as I am starting a new job so will have limited time to read. Happy New Year to you and I hope you discover some free time next year to read a little more x