Wednesday, 26 April 2017

The Second Chance Tea Shop by Fay Keenan

Following the tragic death of her beloved husband, Anna Hemingway decides it's time for a fresh start. So Anna and her three-year-old daughter Ellie move to a picture-perfect cottage in the beautiful village of Little Somerby, and when she takes over the running of the village tea shop, Ellie and Anna start to find happiness again.
But things get complicated when Matthew Carter, the owner of the local cider farm, enters their lives. Throughout a whirlwind year of village fetes and ancient wassails, love, laughter, apple pie and new memories, life slowly blossoms again. But when tragedy strikes and history seems to be repeating itself, Anna must find the strength to hold onto the new life she has built.
This beautiful, life-affirming debut novel marks the beginning of the Little Somerby series, and promises to make you smile, cry, reach for a cream tea, and long for a life in the perfect English countryside.

Having lost my reading mojo I found myself browsing through the Amazon Kindle chart and came across The Second Chance Tea Shop by Fay Keenan, the cover and title instantly drew me in and once I read the synopsis it had me sold and I wasted no time in getting stuck in.

After the loss of her husband Anna decides it is time for a fresh start for her and her adorable little daughter Ellie and so she returns to her childhood village of Little Summerby to be close to her best friend and to have the chance of a new career running the village Tea Shop. As she paves a new life in her new home things are looking up but with a possible romance around the corner with the handsome Matthew Carter will she be able to open her heart again and get her happy ever after?

This book was the perfect read for me that I discovered at just the right time. I was instantly pulled in to the storyline from the opening chapter and Anna soon touched my heart and had me longing for her new start in Little Summerby to be a successful one. 

There are a number of key characters in this book but one of my favourite alongside Anna has to be Matthew Carter's daughter Meridith who was such a friendly and mature teen who brought a touch of humor to the book with her less discreet match making and dating tips! 

Although there is a big Teashop craze gracing the bookshelves recently this one doesn't feature heavily around the Teashop which as much as I love a cosy community tea shop with the hustle and bustle this book didn't feel like it was missing anything by not featuring the teashop more, we were still treated to some delicious mouthwatering cakes to keep our tummy rumbling!

This book deals with love, loss and new beginings which will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions and keep you gripped from start to finish. I loved the way the author managed to set a idyllic scene for us in Little Summerby, I still fell like we have more to see from this gorgeous little village and I hope that the author returns to the village and the characters in a future book because this was a wonderful debut that has left me wanting more.

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  1. God book review! I have already gone through this book. I agree with your review that it will take you through the emotional journey and you couldn't put it down until you read every page.