Thursday, 28 December 2017

The Place We Met by Isabelle Broom

Lucy may have suffered her fair share of bad men, but now she has Pete. Finally, a man worth sharing her favourite place with, Lake Como. That's if she can put mysterious phone calls and glamorous ex-girlfriends out of her mind.
Taggie is rushed off her feet, but distraction is exactly what she needs to forget why she fled England and the sadness she left behind. She certainly doesn't have time for infuriating stranger Marco. A man is the last thing she needs right now.
Lucy and Taggie might not know it, but their lives are about to collide. The New Year might begin with fireworks - but how will it end?

I was given a copy of The Place We Met by Isabelle Broom by my Husband for Christmas this year and he couldn't have picked a better book for me. I have adored each of this authors previous books even if they have resulted in a pure determination for me to visit each location that her books have been set in and now having finished this book I have Lake Como to add to my list too!

The storyline is told by alternating chapters focusing on our two main characters Tiggie and Lucy. Both ladies are very vulnerable characters who are carrying emotional baggage but it isn't until the storyline progresses that we begin to see what has caused such emotional turmoil for them.

Tiggie has upsticks and moved to Lake Como a place of comfort to her where she hoped to rebuild herself away from all who know her. 

Lucy is heading off on holiday with her boyfriend Pete but after seeing a phone call from a name she doesn't know come through on his phone her insecurities come to the surface but she hopes the time together on holiday will bring them closer.

One thing I come to expect now from a book written by Isabelle Broom is that she will whisk me away to an idyllic location that will have me mesmerised by its natural beauty and hidden gems found off of the tourist track and once again this is what I found in this book so I was not disappointed other than that my bank balance will not let me venture their currently! Isabelle Broom has such a wonderful atmospheric writing style that brings everything to life so vividly that it is impossible not to get swept away in her books.

I liked how I was kept in the dark for the first half of the book as to what was going to join the two ladies together and when it all was revealed I then began to connect the pieces as to what was going to happen next but I still enjoyed reading the events unfold.

I loved the handsome Marco, whenever he seemed to be around there soon followed some unintentional humour too. I read the book at the perfect time with it being set between Christmas and New Year which was great but don't let this put you off reading it throughout the year as it isn't heavily festive so can still easily be enjoyed on the beach too.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, it doesn't quite beat her previous books but I still enjoyed each and every chapter.

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