Saturday, 28 April 2018

Hetty's Farmhouse Bakery by Cathy Bramley

Thirty-two-year-old Hetty Greengrass is the star around which the rest of her family orbits. Marriage, motherhood and helping Dan run Sunnybank Farm have certainlykept her hands full for the last twelve years. But when her daughter Poppy has to choose her inspiration for a school project and picks her aunt, not her mum, Hetty is left full of self-doubt.
Hetty’s always been generous with her time and until now, her biggest talent – baking deliciously moreish shortcrust pastry pies – has been limited to charity work and the village fete. But taking part in a competition run by Cumbria’s Finest to find the very best produce from the region might be just the thing to make her daughter proud . . . and reclaim something for herself.
Except that life isn’t as simple as producing the perfect pie. Changing the status quo isn’t easy – and with cracks appearing in her marriage and shocking secrets coming to light, Hetty must decide where her priorities really lie . . .
I have read all of Cathy Bramley’s previous books so I was looking forward to reading Hetty’s Farmhouse Bakery.
Hetty and Dan were childhood sweethearts who have sacrificed their dreams through their younger years due to unfortunate circumstances. They run their family farm and have a beautiful daughter Poppy who looks set to follow in their footsteps. When an opportunity arises for Hetty to put to use her amazing skills in pie baking she feels like she finally has something that she can feel proud of and something that she can do for herself but it will mean sacrificing time spent on the farm and this does not please those around her.
This was another enjoyable book by Cathy Bramley with a likeable heroine although at numerous points during the book I just wanted to shake Hetty and say just go for it! I did find Dan quite selfish and infuriating at times and I never quite took to him. Hetty was such a caring woman who puts everyone else before her own wants and needs, she really deserved to have the love, support and encouragement from the characters.
I loved Poppy she was a fun, strong willed character who knew what she wanted and would not be swayed and she would ensure everyone knows her intentions too!
I do not wish to give anything away but there is a revelation which I did see coming but the way Hetty deals with this is remarkable and you can’t help but think how you would act if you found yourself in the same situation, I am pretty sure my reaction wouldn’t be quite like Hetty’s but I have to admire her.
This is a wonderful read that will have you dribbling over the delicious varieties of pies created, screaming at Dan, gasping at shocking events and wanting to give Hetty the biggest hug possible.

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