Thursday, 12 April 2018

Millie Vanilla's Cupcake Cafe by Georgina Hill

Millie Vanilla’s Cupcake Café is struggling as a multi-national chain of cafés moves in on its territory. Despite baking up a storm in a bid to save it, Millie’s distracted by falling head over heels for the gorgeous, mysterious Jed.
As the seasons change in Berecombe, the loveable, quirky locals rally round Millie, and in return find their own happy ever afters. Millie’s delighted for her friends, but when she discovers Jed’s been keeping secrets, she faces a new dilemma – is it finally time to hang up her apron and start an exciting life somewhere new? Or is everything she’s ever wanted right under her nose, just waiting for her to reach out and take it?

I cannot begin to tell you how many books I have read set around a welcoming café and flowing with delicious cakes but do you know what I cannot get enough of them! I had seen Millie Vanilla’s Cupcake Café released as parts last year but those of you who follow my reviews will know I am not a fan of novella’s so I resisted the temptation of the beautiful covers but now it has been released as a full novel I couldn’t resist any longer.
Having now finished the book it is easy to see there is a lot backed into each part of the book and actually think I would have been ok reading as parts. The main focus is on our protagonist Millie who owns her family’s café Mille Vanilla’s Cupcake Café, Millie has devoted so much of her time to the café that she hasn’t had time to live her life outside of the business but when the delightful and charming Jed arrives in Berecombe for business her heart is stolen. Just as everything is going well Millie discovers that a big café chain is about to open in town and this could ruin her business but that is only part of her worries she is about to find out that opening her heart maybe wasn’t a wise idea.
The storyline centres around Millie but with each part we are introduced to a new character whose storyline weaves around Millie’s. Berescombe is a tight knit community and when Millie needs help she can rely on the locals to come to her aid. I love seeing the transformations for that café and the mentions of all the delicious cakes, soups and breads will have your mouth watering. 
There is romance and friendship flowing through the pages but there is heartbreak and flaws too. There are also some comical scenes in the book one that you won’t forget involving the quirky Biddy and Arthur! 
This was a wonderful read that I really enjoyed and ended up reading in a day. I did find that by the end of part 2 and beginning of part 3 Millie was grinding on me with her constant repetitive “ its over “ remarks, I just wanted to shake the woman! I also am not a fan of mushy endearing terms like Hunnybun etc which are plentiful in this book but that is just a personal cringe for me others will probably not even hone in on these.
There was a real mix of characters some you love like Millie and Jed, some you instantly dislike like Jed’s mum and Kristie and others disappoint you like Tessa. They all play a great roll and each brought something to the storyline no one was a spare part.
I am pleased I finally got the chance to read this book and it is a perfect read anytime of year. I enjoyed Georgina Hill’s writing style and will be sure to pick up another book by this author in the near future.

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