Sunday, 8 April 2018

Random Acts of Kindness Part 3 by Victoria Walters

Welcome to Littlewood, a small town community with a big heart. 
Abbie and her boyfriend Jack are about to start their own PR company in London, but there are so many unanswered questions about their past and Abbie begins to question her decision to leave Littlewood... Will Thomas manage to hold onto Huntley Manor without her, or has her departure ruined his chances...?
After a shaky start, Eszter is determined to show her daughter Zoe that it doesn't matter where you are from, that we are all the same. With a little help from Brew cafe, they decide to run a cake baking class for the local children to help her make some friends. But as the summer goes on, their return to Hungary looms over them... Will they go back and leave Zoe's granny, Anne, all on her own? Or is life in Littlewood the perfect fit for their newly formed family...?
Having pushed Alex away, Louise
finds herself battling with jealousy when she sees him with her colleague. But when tragedy strikes, Louise is confronted with how precious and short life can be... Is she ready to tell Alex how she really feels or will she lose him for good

FINALLY! It seems like I have waited forever for Part 3 to be released but it was well worth the wait let me tell you!

Ezster is getting to the point now where she needs to start looking ahead at her future and she is going to need to make some difficult decisions ahead but you can see she wants to do what ever is the right thing for her little daughter Zoe's future. They have both become more involved and embraced by the community but with family still at home over seas too it is a tough choice to make.

Abbie finds she is unexpectedly missing Littlewood and her sister Louise is missing having her around especially when she could do with someone to talk to about her choices she had made with Alex, has she done the right thing?

I can not get enough of these characters and with only one part of this series remaining I am already missing them, I feel we have only really just got to know this wonderful trio and the supporting characters and I for one am not ready to part with them yet. I do hope that once the book is released as a full novel that everyone else feels the same and will urge the author to revisit the characters in another book. 

This part was as good as the previous two the pace has increased and there is a lot going on in this part to keep you engrossed the whole way through. Now here I am again desperate to wish away the weeks away until we can read the last instalment!


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