Tuesday, 15 May 2018

You, Me, Everything by Catherine Isaac

Today it is my stop on the blog tour for You, Me, Everything by Catherine Isaac and I am thrilled to finally be able to share with you my review for this beautiful little gem of a book.


You, Me, Everything is a book that will leave a lasting mark on your heart. It is so beautifully written and such an honest and realistic read. Jess is our main character and we are first introduced to her as she gives birth to a beautiful baby boy but her boyfriend Adam was not ready for this kind of responsibility and so Jess, with the help of her loving mother and father, raised little William as a single parent. Fast forward ten years and Jess is taking the leap to travel with William to spend time with Adam in the glorious setting of the Chateau de Roussignol in France. Jess knows how important family is and she is keen to try and get a relationship flowing between her son and his dad.
This is such an addictive read that had me greedily turning the pages eager to watch events unfold and in a matter of hours I had devoured the whole book and then sat absolutely bereft that I had finished and would be leaving my new friends behind.
I was taken on a rollercoaster of emotions reading You, Me, Everything and the author has clearly undertaken a lot of research on Huntington disease and I hope a lot of readers will take away more knowledge and awareness on the illness. The way the author weaved the subject of the disease into the storyline was so tenderly done but also so eye opening and heartbreaking.
I think the right decision was made to release this book under a different name as Jane Costello is known and loved for her light humorous reads and You Me and Everything has an entirely different feel to it with bringing depth to the storyline and still having much loved relatable characters who touch your heart. Having said this I could still hear the authors natural witty flair being voiced through little William and this brought a little light at times to the book.
I am not overly fond of large roles for children in books usually because of the annoying winey repetitive dialogue but with William I would say he is the first child character I have enjoyed reading and actually looked forward to him being around. At times he broke my heart and at times he had me chuckling away, I was desperate for him to form a bond with his father.
This book is a true beauty that has had the authors heart and soul poured onto every page, full of emotion and tackling grief, difficulties of parenthood and relationships there is everything needed to keep you hooked but keep the tissues near by and be prepare the family for a lot of hugs afterwards as it makes you want to keep the ones you love most close.

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