Tuesday, 19 June 2018

A Cornish Secret by Emma Burstall

Today it is my stop on the Blog Tour for A Cornish Secret and I will be sharing with you my review for this wonderful book set in the idyllic village of Tremarnock.

I loved Tremarnock and The Cornish Guest House by Emma Burstall I can’t believe I have missed out Tremarnock Summer I will definitely be on the look out for it on my next bookshop visit. I was a little worried to start reading Emma Burstall’s latest release A Cornish Secret having not read book 3 as I was worried that I may have missed something that would then put me off the storyline of this one but I am pleased to say that this book was easy to read and I didn’t feel at any point that I had missed anything.
Esme and her childhood friend Caroline have always kept in contact but with Caroline living in Paris they haven’t seen each other. They decide to embark on a walking holiday but poor Caroline has an accident so Esme tempts Caroline to stay in the idyllic village of Tremarnock so she can look after her. A secret from their past soon can’t be contained any more.
Rosie finds a bottle washed up by the sea with an old note inside from back in the war. With Liz’s help they try to track down the person who wrote the letter but should somethings be left in the past.
This book can easily be read as a standalone but having read two out of the previous three books it was great to see so many of the characters I loved from those books returning especially my favourite little Rosie and Liz. I wanted to shake Robert so hard in this book though, what is he playing at!
I loved how both Esme and Caroline’s story is weaved around the search for Liz and Rosie’s lost Prisoner of War. I was interested in both storylines and found so much uncertainty for all the characters who are facing troubles. I was shocked by my little Rosie’s actions in this book she is normally the apple of my eye in these books and although I can see her actions were sort of justified I still was disappointed by the way she handled things.
Once again the community support is flowing through the pages of this book which is why I love Tremarnock so much.
I do hope we are treated to another book set in Tremarnock so that Robert has a chance to redeem himself again!

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