Sunday, 29 July 2018

The Lost Sister by Tracy Buchanan

Today it is my stop on the blog tour for The Lost Sister which is the latest release by Tracy Buchanan and I am going to be sharing my review for this book with you.

Becky and her mum Selma have had a strained relationship after Selma left Becky when she was younger to go and live in a cave with cave dwellers. When Becky receives a phone call out of the blue from her mum to say she is dying Becky is unsure how true this is due to her mother’s previous elaborations of the truth but when she arrives at the hospital it is clear her mums time is running out and she helps her mum with her last wish of returning back to the cave to live out her final hours but in her dying hours Selma mentions a sister to Becky, a sister Becky has never known about.
Becky embarks on a journey to try to find her long lost sister but she makes more discoveries about her mother along the way. The storyline is told from both Selma and Becky’s viewpoints which jumps back and forth in time which did take a little getting used to but was a good way to see the situation from both of the women’s points of view and to see the truth ourselves rather than listening to thoughts, opinions and assumptions of other characters. Becky was a likeable character throughout whereas I found my opinion on Selma constantly changing throughout the storyline.
At times the storyline lost me as it felt extremely far-fetched but then my interest would be piqued again and I was desperate to uncover the truth surrounding the mysterious sister. I was so happy to see that the authors exquisite skill in setting such a breath-taking and vivid location that I love was still strong in this book
Although this is not my favourite by this author it was still a very entertaining read with shocking truths and twists as well as some real heart-breaking moments that made a real impact.

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