Monday, 21 January 2019

Our Child of the Stars by Stephan Cox

Molly and Gene Myers were happy, until tragedy blighted their hopes of children. During the years of darkness and despair, they each put their marriage in jeopardy, but now they are starting to rebuild their fragile bond.
This is the year of Woodstock and the moon landings; war is raging in Vietnam and the superpowers are threatening each other with annihilation.
Then the Meteor crashes into Amber Grove, devastating the small New England town - and changing their lives for ever. Molly, a nurse, caught up in the thick of the disaster, is given care of a desperately ill patient rescued from the wreckage: a sick boy with a remarkable appearance, an orphan who needs a mother.
And soon the whole world will be looking for him.
Cory's arrival has changed everything. And the Myers will do anything to keep him safe.

I don’t remember a cover of a book that has stood out to me quite like the cover of Our Child of the Stars. Call me shallow but I was so drawn to the cover that I didn’t even read the synopsis I was eager to dive straight in but by the end of the first chapter it soon became clear that this was going to be a different type of read for me than what I was used to.
Molly and Gene devastatingly lost their unborn child but Molly is still desperate to become a mother. When a Meteor falls she is brought in to hospital to treat the young alien life form and it isn’t long before he captures her heart and she begins to form a protective bond with him and names him Cory. Molly will do all she can to keep him safe but can her hopes of a life with Cory be a stretch to far?
This was such an exciting storyline that gripped me right from the start and any hesitations I had about reading about an extra-terrestrial life form were soon swept away as Cory touched my heart. Cory was such a wonderful character and at times I forgot he was from another planet, like any young boy you could see him longing to forge friendships with those his age and wanting to soak up and learn about everything around him.
I was surprised how invested in the characters and the storyline I found myself, having Molly’s heartbreaking back story too gives a grounded feel to the storyline so everything somehow felt more real and believable. I loved how unpredictable the storyline was never quite knowing if they would be caught or if Cory would ever be reunited with his own kind which all helped to keep me eagerly turning those pages to see what lay ahead.
I can easily see this book being made into a film, the authors writing was so descriptive the whole story was so vivid in my mind not leaving me to have to use much of my imagination. The energy and pace of the book flowed perfectly throughout the whole novel and I ended up reading it in two days. Cory brings such a fun element to the storyline with his cheeky ways. I can not compare this book to anything else that I have read, I am sure anyone reading this book will try and draw a slight comparison to our much loved ET but Cory has so much more personality and likeability to him and the storyline has a lot more involved too. I read a lot of books that I love and enjoy but this book I found really exciting and I have struggled to find a book to settle in since as I am still hyped up from this book.
This was such an amazing debut and I am excited to see the response this book gets from readers.

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