Thursday, 21 February 2019

A Rose Petal Summer by Katie Fforde

Caro Swanson has taken a job in a remote part of Scotland.
She’s answered an ad in The Lady: being a companion to an elderly gentleman who lives in a country estate could be perfect! Surely it's time to make a change and do something different for a while?
The fact that she may also see Alec, the young man who she met some years previously and who she has always thought of as her ‘one who got away’, is of course purely incidental.
Soon Caro is falling in love - not only with Alec but with the stunning country house she's now living in. But the estate is in financial difficulties, and Caro soon realises there's only one way to rescue it.
So begins a magical romantic summer, one that will take Caro from Scotland to London and the south of France, in search of a classic lost perfume that might just restore all their fortunes.

Katie Fforde is one of the authors who got me reading again as an adult and so her books are dear to me and I look forward to her new releases every year. Her new release A Rose Petal Summer introduces us to a delightful host of characters as well as some charming settings from a Chateau in France, a barge in London and a country estate in Scotland.

Caro is our main character but she doesn’t dominate the storyline, each of the surrounding characters all have a thread of the storyline that weaves around Caro but she is the go to person for help whether that be saving a family’s heritage, helping people to achieve their ambitions or having a part in true love.  I was just as invested in Caro as I was with Rowan, Alec and Scarlet too

I loved the mix of characters in this book from the grumpy Murdo to the adorable sheltered Rowan who is eager to spread her wings and a celebrity couple who bring a modern touch to the storyline too. Alec and Caro have a dreamy fairy tale storyline that I loved and it warmed my heart.

What I have always loved with Katie Fforde’s novels is the cosy feel good and uplifting style she always has in her storylines and this still flows through the storyline in this book. Although the storyline was predictable, I still found myself wrapped up in the romance and friendship that is at the heart of this book.

Katie Fforde has delivered another beautiful heart-warming storyline that I thoroughly enjoyed.

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