Thursday, 8 August 2019

The Moments by Natalie Winter

Life is made up of countless moments. Moments that make us who we are. But what if they don't unfold the way they're supposed to...?
What if you get on the wrong bus, or don't speak to the right person at a party, or stay in a job that isn't for you? Will you miss your one chance at happiness? Or will happiness find you eventually, when the moment is right?
Meet Matthew and Myrtle. They have never really felt like they fitted - in life or with anyone else. But they are meant to be together - if only they can find each other.

The Moments by Natalie Winter is a captivating, powerful and poignant read that pulls you in right from the minute Matthew and Myrtle make their way into the world. Both born on the same day we grow with both characters as each chapter alternates between them both as we follow them through their life, watching their struggles through grief, romance, friendships and every eventuality that they both face.

Every step of the way I was hoping their paths would cross but the author keeps us on edge waiting to see if the moment is ever going to come as with each challenging situation in their lives they would have been the perfect support for one another.

It is a beautiful story that has so much depth and emotion, because we follow Matthew and Myrtle through their whole lives we form such a strong bond with the characters we are desperate for them both to find happiness and comfort after all they have been through. There was a number of points in this book that really pulled at my heart strings and this made me connect so much more with both Matthew and Myrtle, they were both so strong even if they didn’t realise their own strength they never moaned they just ploughed on through.

The ending of this book is so touching and tied this emotive storyline up perfectly. I was so mesmerised by these characters and the struggles and battles they faced that I couldn’t leave them for a moment so I ended up reading this storyline in one swoop. The authors writing style is so effortless and smooth leaving no points in the book for your attention to waiver she had my attention captured the whole time with this believable storyline.

This is a definite recommendation from me and I am pleased to have found a new author whose future releases I look forward to reading in the future.

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