Wednesday, 24 June 2020

Sunset over the Cherry Tree Orchard by Jo Thomas

It's time for Beti Winter to dance to her own beat.
After three failed engagements Beti is in desperate need of a fresh start. What better place than the sun-drenched hills of southern Spain?
But it's not all sangria and siestas. Beti finds work on an old Andalusian cherry farm where there are cherries to be picked, trees to be watered and her fiery boss, Antonio, to win over.
As the sun toasts her skin, Beti finds herself warming to the Spanish way of life. Embracing the art of flamenco, she discovers there is much to learn from the dance of passion. She just has to let loose and listen to the rhythm of her heart. 

Looking at the positives of lockdown and it means I finally have time to enjoy and tackle some of my TBR books on my list. I wants to escape somewhere warm and idyllic so Sunset over the Cherry Orchard by Jo Thomas seemed like the perfect novel to provide this.
Beti has had her fair share of misfortunes when it comes to romance and she has never quite made anything of herself. Her dream is to get married and run her own bar abroad and when she sees a bar available in Spain she convinces Will that this would be a fabulous opportunity for them both and would set her dream in motion but do dreams really come true?
This was such a wonderful uplifting read that follows such a determined, kind hearted main character in Beti. No matter how many times things go wrong for Beti she soon brushes herself off and gets up and tries and tries again so you can not help but admire her character and will her to get her happy ever after.
This novel is set in Spain and thanks to the authors beautiful skill in descriptive writing we are transported off with Beti on her journey walking amongst the beautiful Cherry Trees, smelling the sweet aroma and having our taste buds tantalised by the wonderful cuisine that has left me with a craving for potatas bravas.
The author has clearly undertook a lot of research for this novel especially in regards to Flamenco dancing where not only does she educate us in the origins of this traditional dance but she also talks about the passion involved and how it is more than just merely learning a few steps and how powerful this dance is.
There is as we expect a sprinkling of romance weaved around this storyline which only adds to the appeal of this wonderful uplifting and enjoyable read that gave me the pure escapism I craved. Another winner for me by Jo Thomas.

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