Friday, 28 August 2020

Escape to the French Farmhouse by Jo Thomas


Del and her husband Ollie moved to a beautiful village in Provence for a fresh start after years of infertility struggles. But six weeks after they arrive, they’re packing the removal van once more. As Del watches the van leave for England, she suddenly realises exactly what will make her happier…a new life in France – without Ollie.

Now alone, all Del has is a crumbling farmhouse, a mortgage to pay and a few lavender plants. What on earth is she going to do? After discovering an old recipe book at the market run by the rather attractive Fabian, Del starts to bake. But can her new-found passion really help her let go of the past and lead to true happiness?

With Covid putting an end to all our holidays it is a treat to escape to glorious destinations through the pages of books and one trip I have thoroughly enjoyed is heading to Provence in France in Jo Thomas’s recent release Escape to the French Farmhouse.

Del and husband Ollie have recently made the move to France to start afresh but it is merely weeks before Ollie decides this life isn’t for him and wants to head back to England but Del calls time on their marriage and decides to try and make a new life for herself.

With a roof over her head but no money Del really needs to find a way to make money and she dreams of bringing the farmhouse back to life and see the grounds with a sea of lavender again.

Del was a brave woman who made a life changing decision which I admired her for and her dreams of a new start and the vision she had for her farmhouse got me all fired up and intrigued to see how she was going to achieve all she hoped for.

The supporting characters all played an essential part in this novel with Fabien offering support and a sprinkling of romance, Carine offered a friendship and encouragement at Del’s time of need. Stephanie was my favourite character though alongside Del, she was another determined woman who has not had an easy start to motherhood and needed a help in hand and guidance along with a chance to show that you can change your ways. It makes you think that at times we are too quick to judge people’s actions without knowing the whole reason behind their actions.

I love a new business venture in my novels be that cake baking, waffle making you name it I am hooked so I was pulled in as Del began her little business selling baked goods at the local market bringing back the tradition of lavender used in the recipes which is something that was new to me but a pure hit with the customers.

Jo Thomas has an incredibly fast paced writing style that wraps you up leaving me unable to put it down meaning I finished this book in unbelievable time even though I didn’t feel quite ready to leave Del and her friends.

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel which is no surprise as Jo Thomas is such an incredible author who teases us with such idyllic locations and makes our mouth water with delicious delights. If you love a novel that will warm your heart with new beginnings and leave you with an uplifting feel from the wonderful community spirit then Escape to the French Farmhouse will not disappoint.

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