Wednesday, 5 August 2020

Unlocked curated by Sadie Restorick

UNLOCKED: FROM SURVIVING TO THRIVING explores the strategies and tools that every person can use to overcome the distress and anxiety associated with returning to life after lockdown. Globally we have faced change, turmoil and stress over recent months and we are now faced with entering the next phase of this crisis; this is your essential guide on that journey. Designed to help you feel more empowered and discover practical ways to improve your own psychological health, every chapter in this book will motivate you to make the necessary changes to improve your wellbeing. From resilience and positive thinking to improving your sleep, remote working, fuelling your body and growing your own vegetables, it is a very eclectic mix of positive advice and strategies that you can adopt as part of your own personal action plan. An exclusive collection from ten renowned industry experts, the techniques introduced will not only help you adjust to life after lockdown but will provide you with a wealth of different ways you can positively overcome any crisis in your life.

Having lost my husband last year and to then be thrown into lockdown it is difficult to keep positive and to think of how I find my new normal when venturing out into a very different life, some days it feels a little like Alice living in wonderland!

Because reading is where I find my solace I was keen to find a book that maybe able to give me some help and guidance to dealing with returning to life after such uncertainty and that is where I came across Unlocked. As the cover tells us the book is formed by the thoughts and expertise of ten experts in various different specialties who share their wealth of knowledge with us to help us go from surviving to thriving.

Each chapter is told by one of the different experts and I found each of them interesting and insightful, there were certain things that I didn’t feel was releveant or related to me personally such as the chapter by Marilyn Devonish who talks about remote working which although isn’t something that is effecting me it may help other readers who do find themselves working from home due to the effects of covid.

Caroline Sherlock and Sacha Mulligan both really stood out to me. Caroline Sherlock is a nutritional therapist who educates us in diet and lifestyle changes that will benefit us, improving our immune system, managing our moods and stress, informing us of what foods we need more or loess of and the benefits of certain vitamins too. Something I have really struggled with is sleeping properly and Caroline breaks down many things especially sugars that have an effect on our sleep so I am going to take her advice and lower my sugar intake to see if this has an effect and improves my sleep.

Sacha Mulligan is a life coach who teaches us about positive psychology and I fund her really engaging and down to earth. Sacha gives us tips in improving our confidence and self-belief  by using Gratitudes and visualisation techniques which I have been doing since reading this book and I do feel that by doing my gratitudes in the morning sets me in a more positive mindset setting me up for a better day ahead.

An added touch was at the end of each of the experts sections there is an “about the author” section so we get to know a bit more about them personally, about their profession and passion as well as links to their websites and socials which I have already gone and followed a few of them and I have to say Sacha Mulligan is a little pocket rocket who does regular live videos with positive content that almost has a little community feel to it too.

I thought Unlocked was a very beneficial read, some similar books I have found recently have had a slight condescending feel to them which has been unhelpful and is the reason they are now gathering dust on the side but Unlocked has information and little tips that I believe I will be able to take onboard as I find my way to my new normal.

The short sharp chapters give the details we need without the waffle making it perfect to snatch the odd chapter here and there and to mark those experts pages whose information I want to reread. I would recommend this book if you are looking for positive advice in moving forward after and looking after yourself as we emerge from this surreal time.

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