Sunday, 6 December 2020

The Cornish Cream Tea Christmas by Cressida McLaughlin


Hannah Swan is looking forward to Christmas for the first time in years. Her new job as an eco-consultant is taking her – and her geeky colleague, Noah – to the beautiful Cornish village of Porthgolow for the first time.
They’re are helping the Crystal Waters Hotel to ramp up its green credentials, though after a bumpy journey, Hannah can’t shake off the feeling that Porthgolow is strangely familiar. Never able to resist a mystery, her interest is piqued when the hotel’s staff and customers report odd noises and sightings, believing the hotel to be haunted.
When bad weather cuts off Porthgolow, Hannah and Noah are looking at a Cornish Christmas. It gives them plenty of time to work out what is really going on, but will their yuletide escape send shivers up their spines? Or will it be as warm and toasty as a glass of mulled wine?

My most anticipated Christmas novel of 2020 was The Cornish Cream Tea Christmas by Cressida McLaughlin, her Cream Tea series of novels are up there with my favourite series of books and with each release I am eager to get back to Gertie the Tea Bus to be teased with the delicious delights and to catch up with the loving community of Porthgolow at the most wonderful time of the year.

Eco-Consultant Hannah Swan heads to Porthgolow to assess the green credentials of Crystal Waters Hotel. Paired with a local Cornish freelancer on the project called Noah, Hannah is keen to make a success of her first case to impress her boss. After a less than welcoming first meeting with Noah, Hannah wonders how the pair will get along but she is determined to enjoy her time in Porthgolow and hopefully find some answers as to why she feels like she has been here before.

This was another wonderful novel in the series and I am so please I waited to read this novel in one greedy swoop rather than in the serialised parts it is first releases in as I know I would have been too impatient waiting for each part to be released!

Hannah is a new character to the series and she fit in with the original characters perfectly and it was easy to see the magic of Porthgolow creeping into her heart. Her relationship with Noah was a rollercoaster of emotions never quite knowing where she stood. I loved being reunited with Charlie and Daniel to see how their relationship and businesses are progressing, I hate leaving them at the end of each book as they feel like firm friends now.

I have to admit I was a little concerned with this novel as I got about half way as part of the storyline followed a ghost topic which is not something I enjoy reading and I did worry that my attention would waver but luckily the storyline surrounding Hannah and Noah still held my attention. This is not something the author done wrong it is just a subject matter that doesn’t appeal to me.

Yest again Charlie had my tummy rumbling and taste buds tingling with her treats she had to offer on the Cream Tea Bus and I really feel like we still have so much more to come from this series and I think I can even guess the title of the next book and I will definitely be putting it as one of my most anticipated novels of 2020!

There was a festive feel flowing through the latter part of the novel but wasn’t overly done so this novel can easily be read all year around and although I adore the first two books and urge everyone who hasn’t yet read them to do so, this can still be read as a stand-alone novel.

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