Sunday, 6 June 2021

The Cornish Cream Tea Wedding by Cressida McLaughlin

 Wedding planner Ellie Moon is dreaming up the most beautiful bespoke wedding for Charlie and Daniel, owners of Cornwall’s favourite cream tea bus. Even though her own life has been turned upside down and she’s had to rent out her charming Cornish cottage with its climbing roses and lavender beds, Ellie is determined to give them a day to remember.

Her new tenant, handsome mechanic Jago, keeps popping up around the picture-postcard seaside village of Porthgolow. When they’re thrown together in the effort to help his elderly father get a spring back in his step, she discovers that he is full of surprises. Can romance bloom and give Ellie the fresh start she’s been wishing for?

The one book that was top of my list for release this year was The Cornish Cream Tea Wedding by Cressida McLaughlin. The Cream Tea bus series is a firm favourite of mine and I wish we could have 4 books a year set around Gertie but I still don’t think that would be enough for me!

In this new release we are introduced to a few new characters as well as reuniting with our familiar and much loved friends too. Ellie Moon takes the lead in this novel and she has the incredibly important job of organising the wedding of Charlie and Daniel but with the pair having their hearts set on a wedding in their charming seaside town is it possible to find a venue to suit the couple?

Whilst juggling the wedding planning Ellie also needs to settle in her tenant at her beloved home but will she be able to stay away from her beautiful garden or will there be more things pulling her heart back to her cottage?

I am such an organised person, always with a notebook and a list in hand so I instantly connected with Ellie, she had a kind calming and caring nature that radiated through the pages so she was easy to like and a welcome edition to our Cream Tea Community.

We also meet Ellie’s new tenant Jago who is our bit of eye candy to swoon over! He plays a big part in this book and his story kind of weaves everything together.

I loved getting to know our new characters and I got swept away with the wedding plans and the wedding chapter itself was so joyous and I was grinning away reading it like a loon, it really did feel like watching our friends tying the knot! I loved Gertie’s part in the storyline but oh how I wished we could have had her featured more and had my taste buds tingling but that is just my greedy wasteline complaining!

For those green fingered readers out there you will love this book because alongside the romance and planning there is also a heavy feature of gardening including a very special find so this one will certainly appeal to you.

I had waited so long for this novel to come out so I wanted to savour every moment I was eager to race through it and soak it up in one swoop but I was hesitant to because I kept thinking what if this is my last visit to Porthgolow and aboard the Cream Tea Bus, I am definitely not ready to walk away from these characters yet they still have so much to offer and the excitement and enjoyment of revisiting is still as strong as I felt in the first book so you can imagine my delight when I found a certain something at the end of the book!!!!!!!

Once again Cressida McLaughlin has whisked me away to a place that my heart feels at home amongst the most memorable and loved characters I have met and I enjoyed every single moment of this book and I can not recommend this series enough. Now it is time to turn over the page in my diary and let the next count down to commence........

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