Friday, 13 May 2022

Wrong Place Wrong Time by Gillian McAllister


It's every parent's nightmare.

Your happy, funny, innocent son commits a terrible crime: murdering a complete stranger.

You don't know who. You don't know why. You only know your teenage boy is in custody and his future lost.

That night you fall asleep in despair. Until you wake . . .

. . . and it is yesterday.

Every morning you wake up a day earlier, another day before the murder. Another chance to stop it.

I have been eagerly anticipating the next release by Gillian McAllister as she always delivers a shocking and gripping storyline that gets the mind boggled. Her new book, Wrong Place, Wrong Time and the opening chapter pulls you straight in and captures your attention with the sudden dramatic life altering event that takes place.

I will be honest and say I was a little wary about this storyline when it became apparent that there was going to be a strong time travel element to the storyline as I have never been a fan of time travel in novels (Bring it on if it was in real life!) but I can’t tell you how relieved I am that I persevered because I would have missed an astounding read. I soon got used to the time hopping further back and I actually looked forward to each new day and unearthing more clues as Jen finds out the life she has been living when looked at through a fresh pair of eyes has a lot of hidden secrets. It certainly got me thinking how I would love the ability to relive my life backwards to see it from a different angle and see what I had missed, The author has a great imagination to come up with the concept for this novel.


It was an utterly thrilling and unpredictable read full of multiple shocking twists and turns which made this book simply impossible to put down. Gillian McAllister has an incredible skill at creating cryptic storylines that keep you in the dark and on your toes from start to finish and this novel is no exception, I highly recommend this book so go grab your copy now!

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