Thursday, 21 July 2022

Forever Yours by Debbie Johnson

 A love to last a lifetime...

Gemma knows perfectly well how one moment can change your life forever. That's why, for two decades, she's lived life by the rulebook.

But this year, everything is different. The beloved daughter she gave up for adoption all those years ago is about to turn eighteen - and that means, there's a chance of being found.

For the first time in her life, Gemma can no longer run from her secrets. And she begins to realise that when everything is falling apart, love can be found in the unlikeliest of places.

Debbie Johnson is back with a new novel titled Forever Yours and for me it is my favourite of hers.

I often find that from early on in a lot of women’s fiction novels that I typically get a little predictability to the storyline as much as I do enjoy them and this was how I felt in the first quarter of this book but then there is a gentle flip to change direction and this only made me more intrigued in the storyline.

The storyline focuses on our main character Gemma who has plenty of flaws and as such is quite hard to warm to in the beginning but as we learn more about her background we begin to see why there are barriers up and the constant need to not let those close to her or to put down roots and before long as her barriers began to crack I found myself begin to care for her and wanting her to feel comfortable and confident enough to start living life rather than doing her natural thing of running.

Adoption seems to be a popular topic in novels at present but this novel is told from the flip side not of searching for biological parents but living with the decision of giving up a child and the life changing effects it has on the mother.

My one negative for this book would be the ending as I felt like I had been built up to a big moment for it then to just finish and yet there was so much I was still hoping to see.

Although the topics covered in this book are very heart felt and the friendships that are built are very heart-warming there is also a great wave of uplifting humour too, with straight talking from neighbour Margie and some terrible dance therapy with her new friends Erin and Katie!

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