Sunday 27 November 2022

Her Daughter's Secret by Lisa Timoney

Will her daughter’s secret tear her family apart?

When troubled teenager Immy disappears, she leaves her widowed mother Bea completely devastated. Bea pours her love into her six-year-old niece Phoebe, even taking her in when her single father Ewan takes a job abroad.

Then Immy returns, in desperate need of her mother’s help and love. But Ewan is clear: he will never let Bea see Phoebe again if she welcomes her daughter back.

As Bea grapples with this impossible choice between two girls who sorely need her, a long-buried secret comes out that changes everything – and Bea must fight harder for her family than she ever thought she could.


Her Daughter’s Secret is the debut novel by author Lisa Timoney and having just put this book down I am already counting down the days for the release of her next novel Her Mother’s Lies because her writing style grabbed my attention from the first page and captivated me leaving me at a loss now it has come to an end.

We are introduced to the warm-hearted Bea whose life has been in turmoil, with the loss of her husband and the absence of her daughter Immy she is filling her time looking after her niece Phoebe but life is still full of struggles for them both. My heart warmed to Bea and her situation, not one to complain but having everything falling down around her she still puts her heart and soul into putting Phoebe’s care first and Phoebe seems to have absorbed part of her aunts personality traits too not one to complain and trying to see the good in other children despite their inexcusable behaviour, she didn’t see herself as a victim just that the children had a lack of understanding which made her seems so much older than her years.

The bond that grows between Bea and Phoebe is so endearing, finding comfort strength and support in each other through their struggles. The relationship between other family members can not be described the same, the way that Ewan and Joyce treat both Bea and Phoebe left a sour taste in my mouth, they were quite simply rude and appalling.

We learn early on that there is something tragic and unforgivable that has happened in regards to Bea’s daughter Immy and  the author does such a wonderful job of keeping us in the dark and slowly feeding us little snippets throughout the storyline as we start to build a bigger picture of the events that occurred that changed the families lives forever. There were some unexpected revelations that I didn’t expect and it just made it impossible to put this book down.

This author has a real talent in character development, I really felt like I knew both Bea and Phoebe they were so well developed and I really cared for each of them. I was educated too as I had never heard of Sturge-Weber syndrome so this book will raise awareness for this condition which is always respected in novels.

A praiseworthy debut from an author who is certainly going to be one to watch.

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